Can Any Hearing Loss Person Fit a Hearing Aid?

Can Any Hearing Loss Person Fit a Hearing Aid? 
The answer is no, not all ear deaf of hearing loss people can wear hearing aids.
First of all, ear hearing loss is a very complicated problem.
There are many reasons for hearing loss. The main reason is the human ear hair cells and auditory nerve endings with aging and getting worse and worse.In addition, inner ear arteriosclerosis, insufficient blood supply, nerve cell oxygen and nutrient deficiency, and the impact of diseases, such as the three high populations, Virus infection, noise influence and genetics, etc.
The nature of hearing loss is different, including conductive hearing loss, sensorineural hearing loss and mixed hearing loss.
The position of hearing loss injury are different, including outer ear, middle ear, inner ear and so on.
Is there any residual hearing after deafness: In short, hearing aids are electronic devices that amplify sound by the microphone receiving sound, digital amplification circuit and loudspeaker, which is a hearing assisted device. It must have a certain amount of residual hearing when worn. The sound can be amplified for a residual haring, and it will have no effect if worn by patients without residual hearing.
Hearing loss is classified according to the degree of hearing impairment. According to the World Health Organization’s classification standards for hearing impairment: less than 25dB is normal hearing, 26-40dB is mild hearing loss level, 41-60dB is moderate hearing loss, 61-80dB is severe hearing loss, and the 81dB is extremely severe hearing loss.
So,this is some suggestion of us for those hearing loss people who are not recommended to wear hearing aids:
1. Congenital atresia of the external ear or deformity of the external auditory canal, a large number of foreign bodies in the external auditory canal, if the bone conduction is normal, a bone anchored hearing aid can be selected.
2. hearing loss problem is unstable, and the degree of hearing loss often fluctuates, such as those with large vestibular problems. But you can choose high-power hearing aids to leave enough adjustment margin.
3. Accompanied by headache, dizziness, earache, tinnitus and other obvious symptoms of unsuitability.
4. Sudden deafness, obvious unilateral deafness or other acute ear diseases at the same time in the past three months.
5. Inflammation of the external auditory meatus or middle ear effusion with frequent pus.
6. Central deafness, non-organic deafness.
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