Do you need a hearing aid?

1.What is  ahearing aid? What types of hearing aids are there?
Hearing aids are used to help hearing patients improve their hearing and improve their verbal communication skills. In many countries hearing aids belong to medical devices. Hearing aids are available in box, behind-the-ear, in-ear, and ear canal hearing aids, among which in-the-ear hearing aids are currently the most widely used. Complete ear canal hearing aid: It is the smallest hearing aid in the world. It is placed in the deep ear canal and is completely undetected. It is called “invisible hearing aid”. It is not easy to find that it is loved by young people because it is hidden.
2.Under what circumstances do you need to wear a hearing aid?
Whether it is an adult or an infant, when the average hearing loss is ≥40dB, the hearing cannot be improved by drugs, surgery, etc., and the hearing aid should be selected when the doctor diagnoses irreversible hearing loss.
3.Who is best suited to use hearing aids?
Anyone who has deafness of any nature can be an option for hearing aids when they are expected to improve their verbal communication skills. In general, people with moderate hearing loss benefit most from the use of hearing aids.
4.What are the benefits of wearing a hearing aid?
The purpose of choosing a hearing aid not only maximizes language understanding, but also improves the patient's quality of life and social skills. The development of children's speech and perception depends mainly on the auditory signals they receive. Inadequate intervention of infants with hearing impairments will inevitably lead to speech disorders. It is obvious that it is obvious, so early detection, early detection, stimulate speech development, reduce The possibility of dissociation from the society; young and middle-aged patients are the backbone of society, hearing impairment will reduce their chances of education, employment scope and job opportunities, affecting employment promotion, so wearing hearing aids is particularly important; for elderly patients, through science Fit hearing aids, improve hearing, improve quality of life, and avoid the occurrence of solitude, dementia and mental illness.
5.Can hearing aids be purchased and worn at will?
The fitting of the hearing aid must be tested by the professional according to the comprehensive analysis of the condition and hearing, and strictly follow the indications, instead of just buying a piece of clothing like a commodity, otherwise it will feel poor after wearing the inappropriate hearing aid, uncomfortable, and the damage is still The stored hearing causes the patient to be unwilling to wear and lose the best treatment time. In addition, after wearing the hearing aid, it is necessary to continuously communicate with the professional and debug, in order to achieve the desired fitting treatment effect.
6.Why do you advocate binaural fitting?
As long as hearing loss in both ears is reduced and there are no contraindications for binaural matching, binaural fitting is recommended because:
1. The ear is equipped with a hearing aid to improve the integration of the ear's own sound collection, noise reduction, balance, etc., and improve the listening comfort;

2. Improve the ability to locate the sound source and improve the language resolution;

3. If a patient with bilateral hearing impairment chooses to wear only one hearing aid, the ability of the auditory center without the hearing aid ear to gradually understand the language will gradually decline. This phenomenon is called progressive (later) in audiology. The sexual hearing deprivation effect, the longer the more serious. In order to avoid this phenomenon, the most effective solution at present is only to choose a hearing aid at the same time.

4. Wearing the hearing aids in both ears can slightly reduce the overall gain of each hearing aid, thus reducing the possibility of acoustic feedback and increasing the battery life.

5. Allow each patient with bilateral hearing loss to be in a normal vocal state with both ears, to stimulate the excitation of the auditory nerve through acoustic stimulation, and to delay the decline of auditory nerve function.
7.How to use the hearing aid correctly?
There are three main principles to be aware of when using hearing aids: moisture, shock, and earwax. Moisture easily causes the components inside the hearing aid to be rusted and rusted. Therefore, the hearing aids need to be put into the drying box to absorb moisture every day. At the same time, the 2-3 months return to the inspection center for comprehensive maintenance; the earwax is easy to cause the earphones to be blocked. It is silent, the lighter only needs to clean the receiver, and the receiver needs to be replaced seriously. Therefore, to keep the ear canal clean, it is best to clean the ear canal with a cotton swab every day. If too much earwax is needed, go to the hospital for cleaning.
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