Earsmate Hearing Aids Products DIY Service

Earsmate Hearing Aids Products DIY Service
1.Earsmate hearing devices Using Warning
Do no drop,hit or otherwise expose the hearing aids or earphone-microphones to strong shocks of any kind which could damage the product.
Do not disassemble or attempt to open any parts of this product body.
When not using the unit for an extended period,remove the battery before storing this unit.
Do not place the devices in any of t he following locations:
 -Location exposed to direct sunlight, in a car,near a heater, or other areas of extreme high temperature locations.
 -Dusty location.
 -On an unsteady or inclined surface
 -Location exposed to large amounts of vibration
 -Bathroom or other high-humidity locations.
2.Troubleshooting and DIY for remedy
If you suspect a malfunction,perform the following checks,since a simple operating error may be the cause of the problem.Perform the following checks,and if the problem persists,consult your supplier or any service centre.
If No sound or sound is distorted:
  -Check the battery is installed correctly.
  -Replace the battery by new one.
  -Check connection between earphones and main unit.
  -Raise the sound volume.
3.Howling sound is heard:
 -Make sure earphone is inserted security in ear.
 -Using the volume dial to lower the sound level.
 -Change to a different size of earphone tip.
If you the earphone tips become dirty,remove them from the hearing device body and clean it.
-When earphone-microphones are dirty,wipe with a dry,soft cloth.Take care not to blow into the speaker unit.
-If a hand is passed over the microphone,feedback sound(howling)may be audible.In this case,remove your hand from the region of the microphone,or lower the volume.
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