Hearing Aid Maintenance And Daily Protection

Hearing aids are the most intimate listening companion for hearing impaired people. Small hearing aids greatly help you improve your hearing and improve your quality of life. However, because the hearing aid is a machine that people wear on a daily basis, it is very easy to get wet and get into the dust. Understanding the basics of hearing aid maintenance and protection not only allows you to feel comfortable in everyday use but also extends the life of your hearing aids.

1.Misunderstandings of hearing aid users

In fact, the life span of hearing aid has a lot to do with the user (or the user's family). Just like a cell phone or a car, it has been used for four or five years, and it has been used for a year. From the feedback data of all big-brand hearing aids, there are no particularly strong hearing aids, and there are no particularly vulnerable hearing aids. In fact, the lifespan of almost all major brand hearing aids is about the same, but why do we feel expensive hearing aids? What is the long life of the use?

1.Preconceived factors

For example, we use a mobile phone with 8,000 yuan and a mobile phone with 2,000 yuan. Which one has a long service life? If we don’t lose it without damage, we will feel that it will take more than 8,000 yuan for a period of time. Mobile phones will also love your mobile phone more, so you will feel more expensive for a longer period of time. The same is true for hearing aids.


2. There is no necessary relationship between the price and quality of hearing aids

Every regular hearing aid is manufactured under strict quality control. Their design life and quality are similar. The service life of hearing aids is largely due to the long-term use and maintenance. The relationship, the better the user cares, the better the maintenance, the longer it will serve us. Of course, different hearing aids will have different protection details, such as waterproof and moisture-proof, dust-proof and shock-proof technology, but these differences have little effect on the life of hearing aids.

2.Introduction To Hearing Aid Maintenance Skills

Whether the function of the hearing aid can function properly cannot be separated from proper maintenance. Doing the following work will not only play the role of a hearing aid but also extend the life of the hearing aid:


1.Moisture-proof: especially to avoid the use of the machine in a humid environment, such as washing your hair, washing your face, raining, sweating. After removing the hearing aid every day, take out the battery and place the hearing aid in a dedicated dry box.


2.Dustproof: Do a good job of cleaning the machine, clean the earwax and dust every day.


3.Shockproof: Take it lightly and avoid falling from a height.


4.Anti-electricity: The hearing aid should be placed away from the electrical appliance; be careful of the static electricity generated when wearing the undressing cap.


5.Anti-high temperature: avoid drying the hearing aid with hair dryer, fire roasting, etc.


6. Anti-corrosion: Avoid battery leakage and corrosion of hearing aids. When not in use for a long time, remove the battery and clean the machine casing, sound hole, and vent hole.

3.Hearing Aid FAQ

1. How to dry the hearing aid after removing it at night?

Open the hearing aid battery compartment door and place it in the dry box.


2. What should I do if I don't use a hearing aid for a long time?

Remove the battery before placing the hearing aid in the dry box to prevent the hearing aid from being corroded by the battery fluid.


3. If you accidentally get the hearing aid wet, what should I do?

Remove the battery in time and absorb or naturally dry the hearing aid in the dry bottle. Do not use fire or high temperature to dry.


4. There is more sweat in summer, there will be sweat on the surface of the ear, how to maintain?

Wipe the sweat on the surface of the hearing aid with soft cotton cloth in time; remove the hearing aid and put it in a dry box to absorb moisture before going to bed at night.


5. What should I do if the sound hole of the custom machine is blocked?

Use a cleaning brush to gently brush the gap in the sound hole of the custom machine or replace the bezel. If you are unable to resolve it yourself, go to the Hearing Aid Center for assistance.


6. Is the hearing aid vulnerable to strong vibrations?

Hearing aids are electronic products. When important internal components are subjected to strong vibration, they are easily damaged, resulting in silent conditions. Therefore, vibration and anti-drop are required for use.


7. I am an oiled ear. Can I wipe the case with alcohol cotton when I clean my hearing aid?

Try to avoid using alcohol to clean the surface of the hearing aid. Use a non-alcoholic wet wipe or a clean, soft cotton cloth.


8. When does the desiccant in the normal drying box need to be replaced?

If the general desiccant turns pink or transparent, you need to replace it with a new desiccant. You can consult the hearing aid fitting center.


9. Does the hearing aid need to be cleaned every day?

The hearing aid needs to be cleaned every day to prevent the sound hole, microphone port, ventilation hole, etc. from being blocked, ensuring the hearing aid works normally, and greatly reducing the risk of damage to internal components.

The hearing aid is your second ear and you should always protect the ear. Don't let it hurt. I believe that after reading this article, you know how to maintain your hearing aid.

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