How to Choose A Hearing Aid Manufacturer in The U.S.

Hearing aid manufacturers need more promotion in the United States to help patients with hearing loss. In the United States, more than 30 million people are hearing impaired, and many do not use hearing aids. Hearing aids will greatly change the lives of hearing impaired patients. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a hearing aid. However, the hearing aids of each hearing aid manufacturer are different. how to choose? Next, I will take you to learn about 9 outstanding hearing aid manufacturers in the United States.

How to Choose A Hearing Aid Manufacturer in The U.S.
Starkey is one of the oldest and more well-known hearing aid manufacturers in the United States. They offer a variety of colors and design options. Typical functions include noise reduction and feedback cancellation. Their IIC hearing aids are so small that they are almost invisible in the ear canal. Their product line includes a hearing aid made specifically for the iPhone, a tinnitus device, and even a basic amplifier for people who may not be ready to use a hearing aid. They are committed to innovation, philanthropy, American- made craftsmanship and personalized attention.
You can get in touch with them in the following ways.

Address: 6700 Washington Avenue S.
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Widex is one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers. The company has a variety of traditional hearing aids to choose from, and provides niche products for diseases such as tinnitus. Unique has the best wind noise reduction effect on the market, which is very suitable for people who have outdoor activities. Widex also produces Widex Zen Therapy, a tinnitus system consisting of four components that can be tailored to your individual needs. Widex aims to create the best sound quality for their customers by continuing to develop their product line. Their research and development has led to numerous breakthroughs in hearing aid technology.
You can get in touch with them by visiting their website.


Earsmate has developed rapidly and has become the leading hearing aid manufacturer in the domestic C2C online shopping market. They have the most advanced production facilities in Guangdong Province and provide various hearing solutions. Their engineers combine the latest technology with professional craftsmanship and are proud of their high quality and standards.
Their management team is composed of audiologists and other industry professionals, committed to providing quality services and real humanized advice. They see themselves as more than just a production facility, and believe that by listening to customers and their ideas, they can unite the world.

Address: 3rd floor, Xingwei Industry Zone, Bao'an, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
Phone: (86)18565775544

Resound is a leading hearing aid manufacturer with a full range of hearing aids that can adapt to all types of hearing loss. ReSound hearing aids focus on creating multifunctional devices that meet the needs of an active lifestyle. ReSound has created an ecosystem of hearing aids, apps, and wireless accessories to enable hearing-impaired patients to adapt to various environments and situations. In addition, the company also provides advanced digital technology to meet the specific needs of veterans and other people with special hearing needs.
You can get in touch with them in the following ways.

Address: 8001 E Bloomington Freeway
Bloomington, MN 55420, USA
Phone: (800) 248-4327
Fax: (952) 769-8001

Signia is a leader in hearing aid manufacturers and a hearing technology company with a history of 140 years. The hearing aid they developed has been clinically proven to be better than natural hearing. They operate globally and provide tailor-made hearing devices.
Siemens is one of the most famous hearing aid brands under Signia. With Signia's resources, they are able to provide a wider selection of products and styles, while continuing to innovate hearing technology through in-depth understanding of hearing loss.
You can get in touch with them by visiting their website.


Phonak is a trusted hearing aid manufacturer. They are well-known for their wireless and rechargeable products, as well as new dustproof and waterproof hearing aids. They have a complete portfolio of hearing solutions for all ages, and their product line starts with an affordable basic model that has key features such as the ability to feedback blocking and blocking background noise. Phonak also funds a charity called Hear the World, aimed at providing disadvantaged people with hearing loss the ability to hear again.
You can visit their website to get in touch with them.

Address: Sonova UK Limited, Sonova House, Lakeside Drive, Center Park, Warrington WA1 1RX
Phone: 01925 623600
Fax: 01925 245700

Unitron is a hearing aid manufacturer headquartered in Canada., They have a unique design approach that focuses on simplicity and attracts many hearing aid shoppers. They offer a variety of Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aids, focusing on user experience through innovation and technological advancement. They have been able to create the smallest hearing aids and other products in the world. Heavy investment in research and development has become the key to Unitron's success. Beautiful, comfortable and intuitive functions are the core values of their design method.
You can get in touch with them in the following ways.

Phone: 1-866-230-0115

Oticon is one of the world's leading manufacturers of hearing aids. This Danish manufacturer focuses on high-end hearing aids that can replicate the natural sound world. They have a full range of hearing aids for adults and children, which can be connected to smartphones, TVs and landlines. Personalization features make these assistive devices suitable for most types of hearing loss. Oticon provides a "people-oriented" commitment to enable people to communicate freely, interact naturally and actively participate in the world.
You can get in touch with them in the following ways

Address: 580 Howard Avenue
Somerset, NJ 08873, USA

We have introduced hearing aids provided by hearing aid manufacturers to the United States. Hearing loss varies from person to person, and choosing the right hearing aid will affect the quality of life of hearing impaired patients.

If you have hearing aids and hearing aid needs, you can contact us, we will provide you with help and give you the best solution.

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