How to Find The Suitable Hearing Aids Fitting Hearing Loss

How to Find The Suitable Hearing Aids Fitting Hearing Loss
There is no doubt that all the hearing loss people want to find the best hearing aids for ear hearing enhancement.However,the best hearing aids would be the best hearing devices to any hearing loss people? The earsmate expert said the answer is NO!As the earsmate experiences,only the suitable hearing aids could be the best hearing aids for a user.And there are some factors for fitting the suitable hearing aids.
Firstly,the age of the hearing loss people will be an important factor for selecting and fitting hearing aids.For example, young children under 10 years old are not inadvisable to choose the customized hearing aids, because the customized (in-ear) hearing aids are made according to the children's ear canal, who is still in a growing age. With the age growing, the degree of fitting between the hearing aid shell and the auditory canal wall will change to make bad feedback or whistle or falling off and losing. But the elder children can select the customized hearing aids, and they need to change the hearing aids case one year later after wearing it. And the seniors’ people who are not convenient for operation the hearing products should be cautious to choose the right type of hearing aids. For example, the elderly who are not flexible enough are not suitable to choose the small hearing aids to avoid wearing troubles. Usually, the young people who care more about to the hearing aids size and the degree of invisibility can select the small size hearing aids or the invisible hearing aids,such as the Earsmate hearing aids model of G-11,G-16 and digital hearingn aids and so on.
Secondly,the degree of hearing loss is the key factor for fitting the suitable hearing aids.As we all know,the hearing loss degree have different level,including the degree of mild hearing loss,moderate hearing loss,severe hearing loss and profound hearing loss.And the hearing aids fitting must be workable for the hearing loss degree.For example,the people who are heavily profound degree can not use the In ear type models,like the CIC hearing aid,IIC hearing aids,and it is better to fit the BTE hearing aid and digital hearing aids.However, the in ear hearing aids are popular for the mild hearing loss and moderate hearing loss people,such as the Earsmate hearing aids of G-10,G-12,G-16D digital hearing aids.
First and last,there are many factors for how to find the right hearing aids,but the most important thing is not the most expensive but the most suitable hearing aid is the best for the hearing loss people.
Earsmate BTE Hearing Aids and In Ear Hearing Aids
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