How to choose the best OTC hearing aid manufacturer in China

OTC hearing aids have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and major OTC hearing device manufacturers around the world have begun mass production and design of new hearing aids. This will mean that OTC hearing aids can be purchased at the counter. Great for the hearing impaired.

OTC Hearing Aid

Briefly introduce the definition of OTC hearing aids. OTC hearing aids are hearing devices that allow hearing impaired patients (mild or moderate patients) to purchase them directly at the mall counter.

Unlike traditional digital hearing aids, patients with mild hearing impairment do not need to go to a hearing agency to buy a hearing aid. You can buy online at the website or from a retail store.

The benefits of doing this:

Reduce costs and make more people wear hearing aids. Many people around the world refuse to wear hearing aids because of the price of expensive hearing aids.

You don't need to pay other fees: service fees, other fees for bundling, etc.

Convenient to purchase, no appointment required. OTC hearing aids can be worn at any time.

Well-known OTC Hearing Aid Manufacturer

Currently there are not many OTC hearing aids on the market, we have listed some of the more well-known hearing aid manufacturers.


William Demant / Oticon

Sonova / Phonak


Siemens / Signia


These six well-known brands occupy 90% of the global market. Once the final guide on OTC hearing aids is announced. Then these six major hearing aid manufacturers will turn to the OTC hearing aid market.

OTC Hearing Aid Manufacturer From China

As a well-known manufacturing power, China is now changing from manufacturing to creating a great power. Not long ago, Chinese hearing aid manufacturers have developed their own hearing aid chips. This means that Chinese manufacturers can create their own hearing aids.

Chinese OTC hearing aid manufacturers are continuously developing new types of OTC hearing aids. For the hearing aid market in the near future.

The most popular OTC hearing aid manufacturer in China is EarsMate. His OTC hearing aids are relatively cost-effective. Good quality and low price, it is a popular brand in various countries.

Things to Watch Out For When Choosing An OTC Manufacturer

1. Total budget. You need to know how much it costs to purchase OTC hearing aids. You can negotiate prices with manufacturers with a reasonable budget.

2. Is the quality of the product acceptable?

Make sure that the hearing aids you buy meet the technical standards on the market without asking any questions about quality.

3. Production capacity

You need to know if your manufacturer has a strong production capacity to ensure that the products you order can be delivered in a timely manner.

4.Perfect service

Whether manufacturers can provide corresponding services to protect the interests of customers. For example: What to do if the product has quality problems? Can you provide a corresponding solution?


Choosing a good OTC hearing aid manufacturer is more difficult, here I recommend choosing EarsMate

There are many hearing aid manufacturers around the world, but it is well known that China's hearing aid manufacturers are the most cost-effective and are worthy of choice by small and medium investors.

EarsMate is the best hearing aid manufacturer in China. Willing to cooperate with customers from all over the world to develop business contacts.

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