More information on the Earsmate Hearing Aids Products

More information on the Earsmate Hearing Aids Products
There are many variety and models of hearing aids products from Earsmate,including the BTE,RIC,ITE,ITC,CIC hearing aids of different types etc.All hearing aids have a microphone that picks up sounds and converts them to electrical signals. Those electrical signals go to an amplifier and then to a receiver that converts the signals to sound waves and sends them to the ear.
Learn more information on the Earsmate Hearing Aids, Images, Price, Pros , Cons and batteries one by one here:
Behind the ear hearing aids (BTE): Plastic tube carries sound to earphone with Earplug.
PROS: Larger size makes it easier to operate and adjust. Tends to last longer than smaller devices. Accommodates directional microphone, volume control and power on/off switcher.
CONS: Conspicuous. Awkward for phone use.
Price $6.5-$25.
Mini behind the ear (Mini BTE Aids): Plastic tube connects to an ear bud inside the ear canal.
PROS: Leaves the ear canal open, for more natural sound, especially the wearer’s self voice . No custom mold required. No "plugged up" feeling.
CONS: Harder to use with the telephone.
Price: $10.0-$29.0
Receiver in canal hearing aids(RIC):
Microphone, amplifier are behind the ear; connected with thin wire to a receiver in an earbud.
PROS: One of the discreet Mini devices, volume control and power on/off switcher. Can give superior sound quality.
CONS: Harder to use with the phone.
COST:  $16-$29
Recently several manufacturers have developed advanced RIC hearing aids (average cost around $600) that are compatible with and can be adjusted using an Apple mobile device like the iPhone, iPad or iPod.
In the ear hearing aids (ITE): Small and nice shell fits in the outer ear.
PROS: Easy to insert, can house a directional microphone, volume control and power on/off switcher, convenient to use with the telephone.
CONS: Conspicuous and bulky.
Price: $5.0-$9.9
In the canal (ITC hearing aids): Unique design mini size device fits into the ear canal opening.
PROS: Barely noticeable; large enough for directional microphones and volume control.
Cons: Prone to feedback.
Price: $6.9-$29
Completely in the canal (CIC hearing aids): Fits entirely in the ear canal.
PROS: Least visible; easy to use with phone; outer ear acts as a funnel, helping with sound location.
CONS: Expensive; too small for directional mikes; can be hard to change batteries; prone to feedback.
Price: $19.0-$39.0
About the batteries:
As we all know, batteries are the power source for hearing aids to work normally. The battery size and energy capacity will be much more larger if the more higher hearing aid’s gain and sound output.And the zinc-air batteries are used for hearing aids widely.With the cathode zinc is oxidized,the oxygen in the air enters the carbon through the holes in the battery shell which is adhering to the anode.By the lasting chemical reaction,it makes a 1.4V voltage for the hearing aid working.
Normally,the size of A675 and A13 zinc air batteries are used for the behind the ear (BTE)hearing aids, the A13, A312 and A10 size zinc air batteries are used for Mini BTE Aids,RIC hearing aids and in ear hearing aids,like the earsmate brand of mini BTE G22,RIC G28D,ITE hearing aid G10,ITC hearing aid G16 and CIC hearing aid G11 and so on. If the energy of one battery is insufficient, it will limit the output sound pressure of the hearing aid. The actual using time of a battery is related with the type of hearing aid,its sound gain, the degree of hearing impairment, climate, and the volume tone of the hearing aid during working. Generally speaking,the battery lasting work time will be more longer if the more the bigger battery size and more less hearing loss. The batteries used in ear canal hearing aids should have the following characteristics: small size, constant voltage, reliable quality, long service life and no harm to the environment etc
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