New Digital Hearing Amplifiers with Digital Noise Reduction And Feedback Cancellation Earsmate G28D RIC

Invisible Discreet RIC Digital Hearing Amplifier with Digital Noise Reduction And Feedback Cancellation to Enhance Speech by 4 Digital Pre-program Modes and 16 Channel Frequency Bands which is Nearly Invisible Behind The Ear Device Aids Hearing, OTC item and Ready to Wear out-of-box.
About the Earsmate G28 RIC
  • Enjoy the conversation again with Doctor and Audiologist designed hearing solution Earsmate G28D RIC at far lower cost than expensive prescription hearing devices,it is the Over-the-counter OTC Hearing device. Crystal clear digital amplification brings out conversation so you easily understand everything being said and enjoy life again. Hear sounds of nature, quiet sounds.

  • Save thousands over other hearing devices. It just only nned to pay $116 or less for a pair of 2 units for right ear and left ear just to hear better. Our Earsmate G28D RIC Digital Hearing Aid Amplifier uses an advanced 16-band processing that precisely boosts the frequencies associated with the human voice. Control programs and volume with a single switch. With 4 different programs modes, you can personalize to suit your environment.
  • Small as a fingertip size almost invisible behind ears. No one will know you're wearing our high-tech hearing amplification device. Fits discreetly and compactly behind your ear. Comfortable and very effective. Available in Beige, and dark blue color.

  • The newest quality rechargeable battery built-in along with portable battery charger,USB Cable and 3 sizes of the revolutionary new Comfort Tip to get a perfect, comfortable fit for the best hearing experience. 

Earsmate For Nice Hearing and Nice Life!
You family members and friends will be amazed when you can hear conversations, music, nature, and much more with wonderful clarity. We Earsmate know how frustrating missing words and not understanding everything that is being said can be. It's embarrassing when you can’t fully participate. Now you can put all that trouble behind you with clear, precise, detailed digital sound. Suddenly all the conversation, voices, and sounds around you are clear and easy to understand. Simultaneously suppresses background noises that interfere with what you want to hear. 
The Earsmate G28D RIC is the New Digital Hearing Amplifiers with Digital Noise Reduction And Feedback Cancellation
*Newest 100% Digital Circuitry
*Rechargeable-charging 4 hours, running 30-35 hours.
*Multi Channels Signal Processing-with several amplification channels, the received sound is divided into different 16 frequency bands for separate analysis, processing and recurring.
*Sound Noise Synchronization Detection Optimization
*Adaptive Noise Reduction to Reduce Background Noise
*Acoustic Feedback Cancellation
*Digital Volume Levels- with prompt tone, clearly know the volume level.
*One Finger Operation-easily change the volume and program, adjust to your listening environment.
*Automatic Memory-if the device is turned off, the program and volume selection always remains the same until changed by the user.
4 Preset switcherable Digital Mode
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