New EarsMATE Rechargeable BTE Digital Hearing Aid

New EarsMATE Rechargeable BTE Digital Hearing Aid
There are several companies now producing hearing aids with rechargeable batteries, and each has their strengths and weaknesses. Of the "Big 6" manufacturers, Signia (formerly Siemens) has been doing it the longest, with three level of technology available in their Primax product line.  Prior to November, 2016, their rechargeable battery was based on nickel metal hydride, and has been around for several years.  The technology was adequate for most people, but for some the charge wouldn't last through the end of the day, which is a weakness in this system.
In 2016, the Signia introduced a new rechargeable system called "Cellion", based on Lithium Ion.  Yes, this is the battery that notoriously cause cell phones to spontaneously combust, but those were also in circumstances that would be almost impossible to occur with hearing aids.  The advantage of Lithium Ion is that the batteries last significantly longer (easily more than 24 hours on a charge, and overall life of 3-4 years).
Now in 2019,the new brand of EarsMATE is developing a new BTE digital rechargeable hearing aid with the high quality Lithium Ion battery.This device will be equipped the original digital chips with 2/4/8/12/24 channel digital processor to output the crystal clear natural big sound,meanwhile,the new high quality rechargeable battery will give extra long working time by a charge,which will be expected up to 50 hours.Fortunately,the fast 30 minute charging can work for 8-10 hours of a working day time,which will avoid the embarrass if the user forget to charge it at night before.
The EarsMATE 26XC Rechargeable BTE Digital Hearing Aid is an affordable, multi channel, behind the ear digital hearing aid. It is ideal for people with mild to moderate severe hearing loss who  desire a crisp clean sound, a flexible listening experience, and easy to use settings.
There are some features of this new EarsMATE 26XC Rechargeable BTE Digital Hearing Aid:
1. Digitally Optimized Hearing Aid - "High Performance"
2.2 Channel Multi Memory - Channel 1 is preferred for a quieter environment, and Channel 2 is preferred for a noisier environment.
3.Background noise reduction feature - Reduce unwanted background noises.
4.Designed to fit both right and left ears
5.Easy to use Rocker Volume Control - Toggle up or down to increase or decrease the volume, no fussy dials that are hard to manipulate.
6.High quality Lithium Ion rechargeable battery 40-50 hours working continuously by a charge.  
7.FDA listed and approved
This is the new developing BTE digital rechargeable hearing aid as picture below:
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