The Earsmate Newest Hearing Aids on The Market With New Technology 2021

The Earsmate Newest Hearing Aids on The Market With New Technology 2021

As we all know,the hearing aids won't return your hearing to normal. But the hearing aids devices can improve your hearing by amplifying soft sounds. Allow time to get used to the hearing aid. It takes time to get used to your new hearing aid. But the more you use it, the more quickly you'll adjust to amplified sounds. Today,there are some newest hearing aids on the market from Earsmate with new hearing aid technology 2021.

Earsmate G18, Packed 2 Pcs Portable charge case

This model of Earsmate G18 is the newest hearing aids on the market from EARSMATE launched in August 2021 that as a small in ear type rechargeable hearing aids amplifiers charging by the small portable charge case.It comes with a pair of 2 units for both right and left ears to have a perfect hearing improving by the new hearing aid technology 2021 fitting for mild to moderate ear deafness.

Earsmate G18 hearing aids are sold directly to consumers via the company’s website, Thanks to these hearing aids are pre-programmed using individuals’ audiogram results, The Earsmate G18 offer a capable and user-friendly through which users can operate easily by one finger control for power switch and volume tone adjustment.

CIC Rechargeable Hearing Aids Earsmate G19

The Earsmate G19 the company’s newest model, is the Cic newest hearing aids on the market with technologically advanced of earsmate’s offerings. 

Do not like Earsmate some BTE models, the G19 sits completely in the ear canal and is rechargeable with a lithium-ion battery. 

The most notable new feature is the small and portable charge case, which enables out-side or at-home charging if the hearing devices power low without having to find the power outlet by the USB Charger. Other improvements include new noise reduction technology,new red/blue design ,soft ear tips for easier wearing, and quick charging that can complete a full charge in 2-3 hours. 

NEW TWS earphone type Bluetooth Hearing Aid Amplifier 

The E01BT is Earsmate’s new rechargeable in the ear bluetooth model, providing 20-30 hours of power from a single charge. The Bluetooth hearing device features advanced new Bluetooth compatible hearing aid technology and feedback cancellation technology for enhanced sound quality. Like other hearing aids from the company, The E01BT is designed with Comfort tips for inner ear comfort and fits most of people even without audiologist programming.

The Core stands out from other offerings due to its Bluetooth compatibility which allows users to connect with a smartphone of IOS or Android system for phone calling or enjoying music, TV or game playing. The Core is the E01BT in terms of noise cancellation and feedback reduction, both providing crisp and clear sound.

This new bluetooth tws hearing aids would be launched in end of 2021.

There are some more new hearing aids by Earsmate  2021

Currently, the hearing devices with improved rechargeable hearing aid batteries and charger become more and more popular in market and there are many models of rechargeable hearing aids,such as the BTE type rechargeable hearing aids, ITE type of in the ear rechargeable hearing aid, Mini size of ITC or CIC rechargeable hearing aids. Most of these rechargeable hearing aid on the market now come with Ni-MH battery or Lithium Ion batteries by the USB charger or portable power charger box. If you are looking for the small portable model with new rechargeable hearing aid batteries and charger, we’d recommend the Earsmate G17D mini 1/2 inch size in the ear rechargeable hearing aid in particular here.

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