There are 5 errors when wholesale hearing aids (do not do)

The reare 5 errors when wholesale hearing aids (do not do)
Today's article tells you about the mistakes buyers often make in the process of mass wholesale hearing aids. These errors come from our service experience with more than 1,000 hearing aid buyers. It is very surprising that even those who have more than five years of purchasing experience will often make these mistakes.

Are you one of them?
Let us continue to see if you have seen any of these errors.
1.Commonm is takes in choosing a hearing aid
Just looking at the gorgeous appearance, not paying attention to the effect and quality of the hearing aid
Many people who buy hearing aids often pay attention to their gorgeous appearance when they see pictures on the Internet. The model data of the hearing aid was not carefully checked. Some flashy hearing aid devices are often bought. This is a mistake that should not be made. Remember that the gorgeous appearance is not the advantage of a hearing aid.
2.Choose high-end hearing aids
We all know that the price of a single digital hearing aid is generally around $2,000. There are even high-end hearing aids for more than $3,000. Such hearing aids are of good quality. However, many patients with hearing loss will not choose because the price is too high and most people will not choose to buy. People are more willing to choose to use hearing amplification equipment instead of hearing aids. So don't blindly choose high-end hearing aids to sell in the store.
3.The more expensive the product,the better the quality.
This sentence seems to be no problem, but in China you will find that many excellent hearing aids are not only excellent in quality but also cheap. At this time, it will be suspected that Chinese hearing aids are not so cheap and the quality is absolutely poor. Refuse to cooperate with Chinese hearing aid manufacturers. The price of hearing aids on the market is monopolized by the six major manufacturers. The reason why their hearing aids are so expensive is because they still need to invest a lot of research and development costs every year. Chinese manufacturers can enjoy the use of these research results to make the same hearing aids.
4.Over-relianceon "Alibaba's Gold Supplier"
Alibaba has a lot of hearing aids wholesale, plus Alibaba is a well-known brand. And many merchants choose to buy a "golden supplier" that they think is good on Alibaba.

But in fact, these so-called "golden suppliers" actually refer to the name that can be obtained by paying to become a member. As long as you pay, you can get it. Is it very surprising? So "Gold suppliers are not equal to quality hearing aid suppliers."
5.Looking for the wrong thinking of hearing aid manufacturers
Many people want to find suppliers when they are looking for through the b2b platform. For example: Alibaba, made in China, etc.
Rarely go through the keywords to find the company's website. Although there are many suppliers on the b2b platform, you don't know whether they are factories, manufacturers or trading companies. The information is not very detailed. This is not a good guarantee for future after-sales service.

Because the corresponding keyword is entered through the search engine tool. Look for more on the hearing aid manufacturer website. Generally found websites have their own independent brands, after-sales complete formal company.

Finally, I want to hear your opinion.
What problems have you encountered when purchasing a hearing aid at wholesale? You can tell me below, I will reply you as soon as possible.
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