Three misunderstandings of hearing aids

As we get older, the hearing of many older people will gradually weaken. Sometimes, in order to improve hearing, we will buy a hearing aid to wear on the ear.

Many people feel that hearing is getting worse after wearing a hearing aid. There is a need without a hearing aid, which only increases the difficulty of hearing and accelerates the process of hearing degradation.

It has also been said that you should never wear a hearing aid unless you have to wear it. Hearing aids will aggravate deafness, let us generate dependence, is this true?
Misunderstanding one
Hearing will be worse after wearing a hearing aid
Most people feel that hearing is getting worse after wearing a hearing aid. Some people begin to suffer from hearing loss without hearing aids, which only increases hearing difficulties and accelerates the process of hearing degradation.

Conversely, wearing a hearing aid that suits you will not cause hearing loss. Just like myopia and no glasses, the degree of myopia will increase. This is because the need for their own without the help of glasses can only lead to visual fatigue and accelerate the progression of myopia.

The same is true for hearing aids. When you lose your hearing without using a hearing aid, it will only increase your hearing difficulties and accelerate your hearing loss. To be precise, wearing an appropriately qualified, quality-qualified hearing aid will not only result in worse and worse hearing, but will not increase the degree of deafness, but will help slow down the deafness process.

Deafness caused by any reason, as long as it is scientifically selected and used properly, will not cause damage to the original hearing. Hearing aids and glasses are the same. They need to be tested according to the hearing loss after a series of professional ear fluoroscopy, impedance examination, hearing test and so on.

Many people wear hearing aids for a period of time, they will feel that when the hearing aids are not worn, the hearing is not as good as before, so they are worried that the hearing aids will wear more and more. In fact, this situation is because the brain has adapted to the sound feeling after wearing the hearing aid, and suddenly the hearing aid is taken down, which is difficult to adapt at once.

If you don't wear a hearing aid for a period of time, you will regain your original feeling; just as your eyes suddenly enter a darker place from a bright place, you will not see clearly. After a while, you will adapt slowly and see clearly.

At this time, the hearing is checked, and the general hearing does not decrease. Some people have a certain degree of hearing improvement due to the sound stimulation of the hearing aid. However, some hearing loss patients continue to decline during the use of hearing aids, but this has nothing to do with hearing aids, but the role of the disease itself or the natural aging of hearing, just like senile deafness and certain hereditary deafness can lead to hearing. Continuous decline.
Misunderstanding two
The sooner you wear, the better.
Many people think that "the later the hearing aid is worn, the better" or "there is no such thing as listening to it." These views are wrong. The longer the hearing loss, the less the stimulation of the auditory nerve, the more obvious the decline in auditory function. The later the drag, the less effective the effect of wearing a hearing aid.

In theory, “any listener can be a hearing aid user.” In general, hearing loss of more than 40DB (decibel) requires a hearing aid, and the sooner the match is, the better.

Every elderly person can have subjective requirements for hearing aids, because they only want to wear them if they choose and like them. These subjective requirements include the shape, comfort, clarity, etc. of the hearing aid. Hearing aids are generally divided into ear-back machines and custom machines. Custom machines can be divided In Ear Hearing Aids, ear canal and deep-ear hearing aids.
Misunderstanding three
The more expensive the hearing aid, the better.
Of course, hearing aids are not as expensive as possible. The key is that it is not suitable. Before you choose, you need to understand your needs and hearing aids.

For example, a 70-year-old elderly person rarely goes out. He usually loves to watch TV at home. We recommend that he choose an ordinary economical hearing aid. A 50-year-old middle-aged person has moderate hearing loss. He is usually busy at work. It is recommended to choose a Bluetooth-enabled answering phone, a wireless-enabled TV-ready hearing aid.
In conclusion
When you or your family find that hearing is falling. You need to go to the hearing agency to buy a hearing aid. Wearing a hearing aid early can prevent hearing loss. Helps prevent various hearing diseases. You don't have to buy any high-quality hearing aids. Choosing the right one is the right choice.

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