What Are The Earsmate Bluetooth Hearing Aids

What Are The Earsmate Bluetooth Hearing Aids Earphone/Headset
The Earsmate is a new brand from China,as one of the professional Hearing Aids devices manufacturer and provider.It can provide all types of hearing aids products,including the newest and popular items of AI smart bluetooth hearing aids.
Here,let's make more introduction about the hearing aids devices.
Firstly, what are the hearing aids?
With the bluetooth technology,it can allow compatible devices to connect and communicate wirelessly with a hearing aid. And the bluetooth hearing aids are able to play high-quality audio sent directly from these devices, making it easier for users to listen to their smartphone, TV, radio or any other Bluetooth-compatible device.
Streaming audio directly from a Bluetooth-compatible device also means you can filter out background noises that would otherwise distract from your listening experience. This is useful if you are in a noisy environment and want to focus on a phone call or video.
The high volume of power required for maximum Bluetooth functionality means that true “Bluetooth hearing aids” do not yet exist. But while "Bluetooth hearing aids" don't technically exist, these add-ons allow you to use your hearing aids in much the same way as Bluetooth headphones.
As the hearing aids provider,the Earsmate has some models of bluetooth hearing aids
It is a cheap model of G25 BT,which is a cheap price rechargeable battery bluetooth compatible Iphone/Android phone,fitting behind the both right and left ears hearing aids devices to enhance the mild to moderate hearing impaired people and to enjoy the playing,music, as well as the TV watching at the cost only 30$ or less.
Secondly,How do Bluetooth hearing aids work?
To use a hearing aid’s Bluetooth capabilities, you will need to use a compatible streamer. These streamers typically come with the hearing aids and are worn around the neck just like a necklace. Once the Bluetooth hearing aid streamer is set up, it will be able to pick up Bluetooth signals from compatible devices like phones, televisions, tablets and computers.
A small piece of technology called a telecoil, located inside the hearing aid, listens for Bluetooth signals. When it receives these signals, the microphone in the hearing aid will turn off, allowing the user to focus completely on the audio device. With Bluetooth compatible hearing aids, it's easy for you to connect to Bluetooth compatible devices without significant effort on your part. 
By the bluetooth technology innovation,we have the bluetooth hearing aids products been more smart and simply operation.This new item of Earsmate G22 BT is the latest smart bluetooth hearing devices,control more settings by the APP on mobile phone of Iphone or Android.
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