Why wholesale hearing aids must choose China's earsmate hearing aid manufacturer

Chinese hearing aids are increasingly popular with people around the world. Many foreign hearing organizations have chosen to cooperate with Chinese hearing aid manufacturers. Order a large number of hearing aids from China. Among them, the earsmate hearing aid manufacturer is the most popular Chinese company.

Why are their hearing aids chosen by so many hearing agencies and dealers? Let's take a look at this hearing aid manufacturer from China!

1.Great Ears Company Profile

Earsmate hearing aid manufacturers their company name is called Great Ears. Located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China, he is a fast-growing manufacturer of advanced Ears Mate brand digital hearing aids, OTC hearing aids, Bluetooth hearing aids, hearing amplifiers and personal sound amplifiers (PSAP) hearing devices. 

As a manufacturer of professional hearing aid products, their highly integrated capabilities are designed to provide customers with fast response, high capacity, high quality and OEM / ODM services, but low cost hearing solutions including PCB design, housing molding and software customization.

Great Ears also invests in and develops and supplies a variety of hearing aids and hearing aids such as Digital, BTE, ITE, ITC, RIC, CIC, Open, Bluetooth Hearing Aid, Rechargeable Hearing Aid and Wireless Hearing Aid. Most of our hearing products have been certified to a range of quality certifications (CE / ROHS / FCC / ISO / FDA, etc.) to match the US, Europe and all overseas markets. Now we have several branches in China, such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

2.Multiple types of hearing aids

Great Ears has a wide selection of hearing aid types

Digital Hearing Aids

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

BTE Hearing AidIn

Ear Hearing Aids

RIC Hearing Aids

Bluetooth Hearing Aids

OTC Hearing Aid

sInvisible Hearing Aids

TV Hearing Aids

These hearing aids can meet the needs of all hearing patients. They are all common types of hearing aids on the market. You don't need to worry about not finding the right type of hearing aid manufacturer. You can get all kinds of hearing aids at Great Ears.

3.Oem can be customized

As one of the leading manufacturers of professional hearing aid products, we are able to provide OEM / ODM services and support to all customers.

Why do you need an OEM / ODM service?

1. Original manufacturer's parts provide better design and quality

2. Recruit original equipment manufacturing services to enable you to focus

3. Consult original equipment manufacturer service to save your money

What can they do for you?

- Design your box and user manual with your company's logo and language

- Print your logo on the product

- Product design, including structure and electronics (function development)

- Mold design, component injection molding

- Production assembly

- Surface treatment and logo printing

OEM / ODM Customized Service

You can provide your box design and user manual for your company logo and language.

According to the customer's OEM instructions, they will prepare samples of your package and user manual, and after the customer's OEM sample is confirmed, mass production will be on the work line.

4. Hearing aid production guarantee

Many dealers have doubts and concerns about quality when ordering hearing aids. Worried about the quality problems when the products they ordered were sold to customers? And some manufacturers still do not give replacement. This is very irritating.

On this issue, Great Ears has promised to provide a 12-month warranty for all hearing aids. If the new product received fails, the product can be replaced free of charge. If the product has a free material fee and free repair based on the warranty policy there are physical quality issues. Great Ears provides lifetime after-sales service to all customers, including durable maintenance and repair support.

5.Payment and transportation

Great Ears provides all payment methods that international customers pay online or at any time. There are many ways to transfer payment by order, including HSBC Hong Kong Bank's USD T/T Bank or China Local Bank, Western Union Remittance. , MoneyGram, Paypal, etc.

At the same time, for the financial flexibility of the customer, you only need to pay a small deposit before the bulk order preparation and order balance payment, and then ship.

Great Ears' factory retains all stock materials and a small amount of sample. Regular sample delivery takes only 1-2 days. Orders are less than 100 units for about 3-6 days, orders are reduced by 1000 units for 7-10 days and 3 weeks for lead orders of 3000-5000 units.

In order to ensure timely and safe transportation, Great Ears cooperates with internationally renowned transportation agents and companies, including DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx, EMS, etc. Due to low transportation costs, shipping is optional.

6.Purchase case

A San Francisco boss from the United States saw an introduction to Great Ears' website on Google. There is exactly the hearing aid he needs. After a detailed exchange of mail, the contract was signed with Great Ears the next day. Purchased a batch of hearing aids. Unexpectedly, the hearing aids produced in China were sold out at once and were liked by many people. The reason is that their price is much cheaper than the same kind, and the quality is very good. To this end, began a long-term business cooperation with Great Ears. The hearing aids they produce have been procured.

In conclusion

Great Ears is a Chinese manufacturer of hearing aids for R&D. Product quality is not only excellent, but also cheap. There are also a wide variety of types to choose from. Coupled with after-sales protection, you have no reason not to choose to work with them.

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