This Great-Ears company is found in 2016 in Guangdong China. It is a fast growing new hearing aid manufacturers in the fields to R&D,design and supplies the variety advanced EarsMate® Hearing aids devices. As a professional hearing aid amplifier supplier, our highly integrated capabilities aim to provide our customers with quick response, large volume, high quality and OEM/ODM service but low cost and price hearing aid assistance solutions, including the PCB design, housing molding etc..

For the international market, our registered brand of Earsmate dedicate to develop and provide variety ranges of affordable hearing aids product and hearing amplifiers, such as the digital hearing aid, rechargeable hearing aid, bluetooth hearing aid, BTE hearing aid, ITE hearing aid,invisible hearing aid, ITC, CIC, RIC, open fit and programmable hearing aid etc.. Most of our hearing aid amplifiers are approved by a series quality certificates(FDA/CE/ROHS/FCC, MSDS,UL and Free Sales Certificate of CFS etc ) to cooperate with the USA, Japan, Russia, Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America, Europe area of more than 78 countries and area. To enhance our company quality and service, we act by the ISO management system and have the ISO13485 medical certificate. Now we have several branch offices in Guangzhou and Shenzhen city. Welcome to visit Earsmate anytime and find more ear hearing aids price on our emhearingaid store. You will be surely have the quality product, affordable price,100% satisfaction after-service and 1 year warranty!

The company has always been adhering to the "quality first, customer first" corporate purpose, keep the continuous improvement and innovation to meet the market as the management policy and "zero defect, zero complaints" as the Quality Management objective.
With the core mission "For nice hearing and life", We sincerely believe that the Earsmate hearing aid device will bring a nice life to the customers. Either for oneself, friends, colleagues or partners, the Earsmate hearing devices easy-to-use and affordable price would be the great choice for the hearing-impaired people of adults,seniors and elderly.


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About EarsMATE                                                                                    
    Earsmate, a Chinese hearing aids products brand built-in 2016, who is full of love and innovation, hopes to help more people enjoying the nice hearing life. We are an innovative hearing aid research and production company, providing professional OTC hearing aids products and services.
     We are the new membership in the global hearing industry. As an emerging hearing devices supplier, reducing the cost of hearing aids and improving the products quality to meet customers’ satisfaction are the goals we have been pursuing. We are devoting in the Middle and low end hearing aids products market with affordable prices ranging from tens to hundreds dollars.
     We have applied the research results in the hearing industry for more than 10 years to all devices, which can help solve the problems of every hearing loss people and make them more easily to get the proper hearing aid. In addition, as the number of audiologists, medical professionals, and hearing aid specialists continues to join us, our technologies and service are innovating constantly. Our hearing aids adapt a series of advanced technologies, including adaptive directional microphones, mobile charging, background noise reduction, feedback reduction, volume control, Bluetooth adjustment and multiple function memories. We are powerful and experiences enough to combine the latest technology with sophisticated design and engineering, while offering the highest level of personalized service,OEM/OEM service.
     We are very grateful for any comments and suggestion received from fans and customers anytime, thanks to your feedback that help us to improve the products and ervice.Meanwhile,Our entire staff is trained to serve you with any hearing products questions. Welcome you to contact us anytime wherever you are. We are your friends and partners in hearing healthcare and looking forward to working with you.


The Earsmate Workshop and Certificates - CE,FCC,RoHS,FDA,ISO13485 

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