OEM Service

OEM/ODM Service and Support

As one of the leading professional hearing aids products manufacturers,we are able to provide all customers the OEM/ODM Service and Support.


Why do you need the OEM/ODM service?

1.Original manufacturer’s parts render a better design and quality

2.Hiring original equipment manufacturing services enable you to focus

3.Consulting original equipment manufacturer services saves your money

2.What can we do for you?

-Design your package box and User manual with your company Logo and Language

-Printing your Logo on the product

-Product design,including structure and electronics(function development)

-Mold design,Injection molding of components

-Production assembly

-Surface treatment and Logo printing


OEM/ODM Customized Service

1. We can provide your request package box design and User manual with your company Logo and Language.

As per the customer’s OEM instruction,we will prepare your package box and User manual sample,the mass production will be on work-line after the OEM sample confirmation by customers.


2. We can provide the service to print your Logo on your product body by Laser marking



3. As the hearing aid manufacturer,we can provide the service for product design,including structure and electronics(function development).

At the customer’s request,we can customize the hearing aid device function for you to meet the given function by the FONIX8000 test system verify.

We can make the customized Sound Gain to meet different users’ condition.


4. Mold design,Injection molding of components

a . we have the engineers to design the hearing aid case and module

b .We can do the clients Customized hearing aid service by sole design solution

And the customized design with products would cost a mould fee,which should bear by the products owners. As the hearing aid manufacturer,we are willing to provide the free cost with products design.


5.We provide the service for your production assembly


6.Surface treatment and Logo printing

We can make the customized surface color as the OEM service for customers.Currently,we have the OEM color of dark blue,fashion blue,black color,silver gray or brown colors.

Please be note,When the material is customized, our material suppliers have a request on the MOQ of all materials,If you can’t make sure to use out all materials at the 1st, 2nd or several times orders, then,there will need to keep a deposit for materials. However, the deposit will be return to you when materials are used out by orders.

For the normal packaging OEM service,there will be free service for Order based on the MOQ 1000 sets each time.And there will be a 500USD as deposit if the packaging OEM order less than 1000 sets,but the deposit money will be back to you when you finish the OEM packaging materials.

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