Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Rechargeable RIC OTC Bluetooth Hearing Aid Cell Phone App for Iphone and Android Earsmate G22BT

Bluetooth App control,16CH WDRC, rechargeable case
Rechargeable RIC OTC Bluetooth Hearing Aid Cell Phone App for Iphone and Android Earsmate G22BT



OTC Bluetooth Hearing Aid Cell Phone App Control for Iphone and Android

Earsmate G22 BT
As one of the lead China bluetooth hearing aid manufacturers,

this Earsmate G22BT new rechargeable Behind the ear OTC Bluetooth hearing aids have apps that can be used as a remote control for your hearing aids, where you can adjust volume, switch programs, and even adjust the directionality and frequency tuning of your hearing aids. 

Particularly,this Earsmate G22BT bluetooth hearing aid App for iphone and Anroid phone can adjust the hearing aid machine not only individually in right ear and left ear,but also can adjust both at the same time.

Moreover,you can check the power capacity by the Bluetooth App.

The Earsmate G22BT is A Pair right and left Ear Aids Machine Packed.

Discreet Ric Recharageable 16CH WDRC Digital OTC Bluetooth Hearing aids are open-fit receiver-in-canal devices that you can fit, program, and control on your own Iphone or Android Cell phone App, without assistance from a health care professional or hospital.


● short press for volume adjust
    Press #1 for volume up till Beep Beep to highest volume
    Press #2 for volume down till Beep to lowest volume

● Long press for 4 Mode switch
     Mode: Common/Restaurant/Traffic/Motion

Rechargeable & Discreet small

● Rechargeable case as the portable power bank for hearing aid devices charging 2-3 times
    Quick charging time about 2 hours finished
    Long battery life time about 20 hours per charged

● Silicone/replaceable Ear Dome
    3 size ear domes for most people's ear canal size

●  Discreet behind the ear mini ear aid machine


The Earsmate G22BT OTC rechargeable bluetooth hearing aids are a type of over the counter, cell phone App self-fitting hearing aid designed to be affordable and easy to set up. This rechargeable digital hearing aids are powered by earsmate, using some of the latest technology found in one of the industry's leading hearing machine companies. The hearing aids are priced at under $100 for the pair, making them one of the best options for seniors,adults and old people or children who are looking for a low-cost way to improve their mild to moderate hearing loss. 
ProductBluetooth hearing aid app control for Iphone / Android          
Technical DataIEC 60118-7/ANSI S3.22-2003
ModelG22 BT
Peak OSPL 90 ( dB SPL)110dB ± 5dB
HAF OSPL 90 ( dB SPL)108dB ± 5dB
Sound Gain/Max≤35dB
Total harmonic wave distortion≤3.0%
Frequency range200Hz-5000Hz
Equivalent Input Noise (dB)≤25dB
Rechargeable batteryLithium-ion battery
Power consumptionDC 5V, Current: ≤2.5mA
Volume controlYes
Battery workingWorking 20-24hrs by a fully charged
Packaging          50 pairs/CTN/11.0KG 
Certificates ApprovedCE,FCC & ROHS, and FDA/ISO13485

Bluetooth hearing aid app for iphone free download

The Earsmate G22BT bluetooth hearing aids with the App for both Smartphone of Iphone and Android Phone by free download anytime anywhere.

Hearing Aid App

This hearing aid app name is " hearing device".
You can search for it in the App store or scan the QR Code to get it by free.

4 Mode menu

   >  Common
   >  Restaurant/indoor quiet
   >  Traffic/shopping noise
   >   Motion/outdoor

Volume adjust

  > Ajust the volume up/down
  >  Adjust single right or left
  >  Adjust both right and left

EQ Frequency

Adjust the frequency from 500Hz to 3500Hz which is the normal human hearing range to have a better hearing experience

Packaging details

You will have a pair of the bluetooth hearing aids G22BT with rechargeable case and all accessories

Earsmate: Best Bluetooth Hearing Aids Manufacturer from China

According to the international market feedback we got, the Earsmate G22BT OTC rechargeable bluetooth hearing aid app cell phone control for Iphone/android is suitable for sale online store or center due to the cheap price. If you are planning to sell more hearing aids products to have more profit , you are welcome to talk to us further about the hearing aids types,wholesale price,as well as the after-sale issues.

Except for the G22BT behind the ear bte hearing aids with bluetooth app, we have bluetooth earbud hearing aids,and the invisible rechargeable hearing aids too. You are welcome to tell us your purchasing budget and function needs, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

With 8+ years of skilled experience,Great Earsmate Group can always provide the professional OEM/ODM services to support your business.

More about the Earsmate Bluetooth Hearing Aids manufacturer in China

Nowadays, there more and more international dealers and distributors are looking for OTC bluetooth hearing aid with cell phone app control to expand the increasingly hearng aids market. The more cost-effective feature is the main consideration for them. As the development of circuit, the affordable OTC bluetooth hearing aid price could also reach a high-quality sound solution.  

At the ( Great Earsmate Group ),the rechargeable otc bluetooth hearing aids are manufactured from welding to assembly with advanced equipment and skilled operators. All of our products, including bluetooth hearing aids,invisible cic rechargeable hearing aids , are 100% inspected in our factory in strict compliance with ISO regulations. 

 The OTC bluetooth hearing aid cell phone app control we manufacture have the following advantages:
1. Ready to Wear Design: Our bluetooth hearing aid is DIY App programmable. It is Over-the-coutner OTC item and ready to use.
2. Comfortable Wearing: Small size nearly invisible to see and light in weight.
3. Cheap Affordable Price: Comparing with Bose/Resound/Phonak hearing aids,the earsmate G22 Bluetooth hearing aids are at a much good cheaper price. 
4. 3 Sizes Ear Domes: In this case, Most customers may have a higher satisfaction rate
5. Clear Sound and Protect Ear hearing: The rechargeable OTC Bluetooth hearing aids are for compensating the hearing loss and noise reduction for a better experience.
6. Full set accessories: the Earsmate have a series of packaging solution, from the user manual, warranty card,brush tool,zinc air battery,USB charger,power adapter hearing aid storage case to the outer packaging box. Our perfect product presentation do 100% satisfaction with all customers.
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