2019 Most Popular Bte Hearing Aids

Behind The Ear Hearing aid
The mechanism of the bte hearing aid is mainly composed of a plastic case + earplug + link tube. The electronic components are held in the housing behind the ear. The sound is transmitted from the hearing aid through the ear mold to the ear. This kind of hearing aid is very light and can't be seen behind the ear. This bte hearing aid is basically suitable for common hearing loss.
Bte Hearing Aid Structure
The first part is a microphone (microphone), which is responsible for converting the input acoustic signal into an electrical signal in an analog manner;

The second part is the input signal processor, which is responsible for converting the analog signal into a digital signal;

The third part of the shunt device is responsible for dividing the digital signal into several signal processing channels;

The fourth part is the signal processing device, which has the ability to process signals independently, flexibly and reasonably;

The fifth part is the integrated device, which is responsible for dividing the signal from different channels into two parts: high frequency and low frequency;

The sixth part combines the high frequency and low frequency signals completed in the previous stage and outputs them in digital form;

The seventh part is the receiver, which is responsible for reducing the electrical signal to an acoustic signal.
Bte Hearing Aid Features
Address the widest range of hearing loss.

1. No wire, small size, placed behind the back, easy to be covered by hair, not easy to be found.

2. Since the hearing aid is placed behind the auricle, the reflection of the human body's torso to the low frequency is reduced, so the frequency response is better than the box hearing aid of the same specification.

3. Because the volume is relatively larger than the in-ear type, the design can adopt more complicated circuits, which improves its performance and function. For example, the sensory coil can be added to make the caller listen to the phone.

4. Wearing both ears can produce binaural effect and improve hearing performance


1. Since the microphone is close to the receiver and can generate feedback, it is necessary to customize an ear mold that is consistent with the ear canal and the ear cavity. The sound tube is connected with the hearing aid, and the ear mold and the sound tube make the external ear canal resonate. The peak shifts to around 1000 Hz, making the hearing of the deaf people unaccustomed.

2. The long sound tube does not match the high frequency impedance of the ear canal and middle ear, which reduces the high frequency gain.

3. Because the speaker is more susceptible to earwax in the ear.
For people
For people
Adolescents who have developed into the ear canal of children;
Suitable for middle-aged and elderly people
Suitable for moderate to severe to severely impaired people

2019 Most Popular BTE Hearing Aids

BTE hearing aid G-28-Ric

The smallest BTE hearing aids G-28-Ric are comfortable wearing behind on right right ear or left ear.It has high quality chips by new technology for low audio distortion and clearer sound. It also has a noise reduction feature that helps the user hear with maximum clarity.

 BTE hearing aid G-21

The smallest BTE hearing aids G-28-Ric are comfortable wearing behind on right right ear or left ear.It has high quality chips by new technology for low audio distortion and clearer sound. It also has a noise reduction feature that helps the user hear with maximum clarity.


 BTE hearing aid G-25BT

However, today's sophisticated wireless hearing aids, such as the new Earsmate brand of G-25BT from China, adapt new Bluetooth technology to make it possible to connect with personal electronic devices and stream signals directly to hearing aids.
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