Best Hearing Aids types of BTE and RIC Pros and Cons

When you are looking for a hearing aid and it's important to find the right type and style products for you depends on your degree of hearing loss, your lifestyle preferences, and cosmetic concerns.
As a starting point, there are two basic types of hearing aids, all of which are used mostly for mild to severe hearing loss that's occurring in both ears,which are the BTE and mini BTE type hearing aids by EarsMATE®.
Firstly,let's introduce the BTE hearing aid,Pros and Cons.
The BTE is short for the type of Behind-the-ear hearing aids,such as the Earsmate hearing devices of G26 RL , a 16 channel digital hearing aids with rechargeable batteries.
BTE aids sit behind or on top of the outer ear with tubing that routes the sound down into the ear canal via a custom-fit earmold or a dome style that doesn’t block the entire ear canal opening. BTE styles are available in different colors to match hair or skin tone, as well as flashier designs for personalized flair.
In this group of hearing aids, which sometimes includes RITA hearing aids, all electronic components are in the plastic case worn behind the ear.And the sound is sent to the ear through the tubing that connects the case to the receiver and a earbud worn in the ear canal.
Offers flexible features and considerable low- and high-frequency amplification, making it good for those with severe hearing loss. On larger, traditional models, controls are easy to manipulate and the telecoil mode is easily selected and used. The small switchable earbuds can be easily cleaned and changed. Accommodates larger batteries or rechargeable batteries for more powerful sound amplifier. Feedback is rare because of the snug fit.
Some custom molds are visible (clear molds are not). Vulnerable to sweat and wax buildup, but the tubing and mold are easily cleaned. The earmold must fit snugly and fill the entire ear canal, which can cause a plugged-up feeling.
Then,it is the mini BTE or RIC hearing aid,Pros and Cons.
The Ric is short for Receiver-in-canal hearing aid,like the Earsmate product of G28D Ric,a 16 channel digital hearing aid withrechargeable batteries.
This type goes by various names, including receiver-in-the-canal (RIC), receiver-in-the-ear (RITE), receiver-in-the-aid (RITA), and canal receiver technology (CRT). Here, the receiver (the speaker that sends sounds to the inner ear) is inside the ear canal. It attaches to the ear via a thin wire and a custom-made earmold (a piece of soft material made to fit snugly in the ear and channel sound into the ear), or a noncustom dome-style ear-canal piece.
They essentially mean the same thing—an open-fit hearing aid style that has the speaker built into an insertable ear dome, instead of the main body of the hearing aid. In other words, the speaker of the hearing aid rests in the ear canal, but the microphone and processor sit in a tiny case behind the ear. They are connected by a thin wire. This style of hearing aid tends to have above-average sound quality and is made by all major hearing aid manufacturers,including the brands of Resound , Siemens , Widex , Phonak , Octicon , Signia , Earsmate , Newsound, Lisound and so on . 
Comfortable, barely visible. Prevents a plugged-up feeling (especially when using an open ear tip, which is appropriate if you can hear well in the low pitches). Larger versions are easy to insert.
Wax and moisture buildup may limit the life of the receiver. Does not allow for significant amplification, especially in the low frequencies.
When it comes to hearing aids, there are multiple features and styles available to suit different hearing loss needs. It’s important to consider a number of different things when selecting the right style to fit your needs. 
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