Best Rated Hearing Aids

The Best Rated Hearing Aids of Earsmate 2019

Hearing loss comes in many forms and is unique to your situation,such as clasify by the hearing loss degree,it is including the mild hearing loss,moderate,severe and profound hearing loss. And the best hearing aids for you may not be the best for your spouse,here is the best sellers hearing aids from Earsmate China currently.

Best rated hearing aids for Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss: Discreet Receiver-in-canal G-28 RIC


The Earsmate RIC hearing aid G28 RIC is the best rated hearing aids for adults and seniors with mild to moderate hearing loss. It's easy to use and fits most people comfortably. It comes with pre-programmed settings tailored to a specific range of hearing loss level and it is not customizable.The open-fit design of the RIC mode eliminates the feeling of a plugged-up ear canal, which many people find uncomfortable. The design also lets sounds flow naturally into your ear which is why this is better for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.  


Mini Best rated Digital Hearing Aids Inner Ear: G16 Digital


The Earsmate ITC Digital Hearing Aid G16 D is the best rated hearing aids for people with mild hearing loss. The In-the-ear canal ITC style features Two channels that can amplify sounds between 25-35 dB. Like more expensive hearing aids, the Earsmate hearing aid G16 Digital filters out background noise ,so it can help for environments like the movies or watching TV.

With the fingertip tiny size,wearing this model Earsmate G-16 Digital,will not be discovered by others,which is hidden inner ear canal.And the models are fitting for both right ear and left ear,which the buyers no need to verify to buy for right ear or left ear.


How to select the Right and Best Rated Hearing Aids?

Finding the best rated hearing aids is a lot more complicated than reading about a comparison of earsmate brands.Here's a quick step-by-step guide for choosing the best rated hearing aid:

Step 1: Meet With an Audiologist

Hearing aids aren't one size fits all – different types of hearing loss require different types of correction.  This means you need to have your hearing loss diagnosed by an audiologist. Not only can they determine what kind of hearing loss you have, but they can also tune your hearing aid so it's optimized to your hearing.


Step 2: Consider Comfort Over Discreteness

When you meet with an audiologist, ask to try on as many kinds of hearing aids as possible. If you don’t already wear hearing aids and have a comfort preference, this is essential to make sure you find a comfortable pair. Don’t underestimate comfort – it doesn’t matter how discreet your hearing aids are if they aren't comfortable because you are more likely to take them out.  


Step 3: Determine Budget  

For the hearing aids, the above steps need to be worked out before you know what is even available. After finding out more about your hearing loss and comfort preferences, your audiologist can help you narrow down the list of appropriate hearing aids, which will vary in price, convenience features and battery life. How much you're willing to pay can help you decide what convenience features you can afford. For example, if you have a smaller budget, you may not want hearing aids with Bluetooth and app control.

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