Blue Cic in Ear Digital Hearing Aids for Adults and Elderly

Hidden Inner Ears, Crystal Clear Sound, OEM Service
Blue Cic in Ear Digital Hearing Aids for Adults and Elderly
Blue Cic in Ear Digital Hearing Aids for Adults and Elderly
Blue Cic in Ear Digital Hearing Aids for Adults and Elderly
Blue Cic in Ear Digital Hearing Aids for Adults and Elderly



Blue Cic in Ear Digital Hearing Aids for Adults and Elderly

About the Product

The model G-16D blue color is a CIC super small Invisible Digital hearing aids with the extra Mini In-The-Canal only as the fingertip size and the full 100% Digital clearly sound technology to make voices crystal clear and natural, even at low volumes.

It is a hot selling by the Good performance with digital chipsets and Feedback cancellation technology,as well as the Energy save by Using one hearing aids size A10 batteries last working for 150+ hours.The invisible Cic digital hearing aids are fitting in Right and Left ear for all adults and elderlys people mild hearing loss or moderate hearing loss , Small Light-weight design and Less visible,which can not discover while wearing in Ears.

The unique factory self-developing invisible hearing aid G-16D is the best digital hearing aid hidden the ear canal specially for the young people who do not want others to know wearing hearing aid.


Invisible Cic 2 Channel Digital hearing aid G-16D

Key Features:

1. Non PC programmamble digital hearing aid

2. Unique fashion design blue or beige color

3. Noise & feedback reduction Digital techonolgy

4. Invisible in the canal of right Ear and Left ear

5. Fitting for the mild or moderate hearing loss

6. Crystal clear sound output 115dB

7. Super Mini size 0.75x0.43x0.55inches

​8. Comfortable and light weight 1.2g only

9. Low battery drain lasting 150 hours by 1 unit A10 battery


Product Diagram


G-16D Cic Digital Hearing Aids images



EarsMate G-16D Specification:

Product Name invisible small Cic Digital hearing aid in the canal
Technical IEC 60118-7/ANSI S3.22-2003
Application Right and Left Mild to moderate Hearing loss
Fitting Users for all adults to improve hearing loss
Item Number G-16D
Peak OSPL 90 ( dB SPL) 115dB
HFA OSPL 90 ( dB SPL) 110dB
Peak Gain ( dB ) 35dB
HFA/FOG Gain ( dB ) 30dB
Total harmonic distortion THD %
800Hz @ 2.0%
1600Hz @ 1.0%
Frequency range 450Hz-5000Hz
EQ Input Noise ≤14dB
Zinc Air battery

Hearing Aid battery 10A Size

Long last working for 150+ hours by 1 unit A10

Power consumption Current: ≤1.2mA
Volume adjustable Yes, by adjust tool BAR
Product size Extra mini size: 0.43x0.55x0.73inches
Net Weight 1.2g/unit hearing aid body
Warranty service 1 Year Warranty and 100% satisfaction service
Certificates CE,FCC & ROHS, and the FDA



The digital invisible hearing aid advantages:

1, The Digital hearing aid can fit to the environment automatically, reduce noise effectively and improve the sound to more clearly.

2, The invisible digital hearing aids imitate the normal human cochlear function, so that hearing impaired people can improve their adaptability to different sound environment. They can hear any volume size of the sound with no discomfort.

3, The digital hearing aids help to regain the natural sound, optimize the hearing loss people’s feelings to the sound, improve the natural sound, authenticity and comfort.

4, Digital hearing aids can reduce the feedback or whistle automatically. By using the digital feedback suppression technology, the digital hearing aids have no the bored feedback (whistle), which it is very important for improve the patient's sound distinguished ability.

5, The model G-16D is our factory self design and developing in 2018 with the extra small hearing aid tiny size less than the Finger tip,which can hidden in the ear canal and can not be found by other people.


What's in the box:

- 1x digital cic hearing aid

- 1x compact carrying case

- 4x Different size Ear dome

- 1x brusher and control tool

- 1x User manual

- 1x A10 battery (shipping limit)



* Super small hidden in Ear canal better for young people

* Fitting for mild to moderate hearing loss improving

* Wear in both right Ear and left Ears

* For all men and women want to comunicate better with families and friends

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Jason - US
5/5  stars
May 31.2019
The quality of this hearing aid is very good, we have a lot of wholesale. Now I plan to let their company customize a batch of quality hearing aids. Earsmate is a great Chinese hearing aid manufacturer. Thanks to their products, my business is getting better and better.
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