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A Bluetooth hearing aid is a hearing aid designed to recognize the radio signals that are sent from other pieces of electronic equipment and wirelessly communicate with them. For example, The Earsmate’s new product of G-25BT, this Earsmate bluetooth hearing aids Android use Bluetooth low energy (a subset of Bluetooth) to wirelessly connect to and communicate with Apple iPhone and Android phone,as well as the other bluetooth devices,like the Ipad,TV music player etc..

Here,let’s introduce more about the Earsmate new bluetooth hearing aids of G-25BT. The Bluetooth compatible hearing aids, have advanced technology that make speech sound more natural and easier to hear in today’s complex listening environments,meanwhile,the built-in high quality Lithium battery can make this hearing device work up to 60 hours and make the bluetooth device last working for 3-5 hours for phone calling or music playing.Especially,for the users hearing needed if forget to charge it at some night,the short time charging will help the users wear this bluetooth hearing aids to conversation with others for 8 hours,which just only to charge 30 minutes.

This earsmate rechargeable bluetooth Hearing aids can allow you to function better in all areas of your life.And the biggest advantage of having Earsmate’s G-25BT Bluetooth hearing aids is that they make it possible for audio content on an Android phone or iPhone (phone calls, music, podcasts, videos) to be sent directly into the wearer’s ear, as if there is no distance between what they are trying to listen to and the ear. This means the signal that enters the wearer’s ear is crisp and clean, with no ambient noise interfering.  

For example, when this Earsmate Bluetooth hearing aids G-25BT are connected to the wearer’s Android phone or iPhone and it rings, the person talking on the other end of the line will be piped directly into the wearer’s hearing aids. There would be no more trying to squeeze the phone close to the ear; no more trying to find the sweet spot where the hearing is easiest; no more wondering if a call was missed because the wearer couldn’t hear the mobile Phone ring.
Best Bluetooth Hearing Aids G25BT
Take your daily phone calls and music streaming to the next level by easily connecting the Earsmate Bluetooth hearing aid devices G-25BT to your Iphone or android phone through Bluetooth App ZTQ!
Using the Bluetooth technology and enjoy your favorite songs in high quality.Enjoy high sound quality with or without the boost. To experience the gift of hassle-free, high quality sound, simply press the M Mode button for around 3 seconds to turn on the Bluetooth.
Features and benefits of the Bluetooth Hearing Aids:
• Bluetooth V4.2 chips
• Maximum sound output up to 125dB
• Maximum sound gain up to 45dB
• BTE Hearing aid fitting for adults and seniors hearing impaired
• Rechargeable battery capsules (last working 60hours per charge)
• DC5V 1A Power charger for the 60mAH Li-on battery–provides at least 500 cycles of charging
• Approximately 3-6 hours for full power charging
• One set of hearing device, 3 usages for: amplify the Ear hearing, answer calls or listen to music.
• Adjust the volume of each ear hearing aid individually with 4 level.
• Time for hearing amplifier mode Up to 60 hours (Subject to the surrounding noise level)
• Talk time is up to 5 hours
• Music playing time is up to 5 hours
• Standby time about 100 hours
• Voice prompt in English
Bluetooth hearing aid behind the ear
NEW Hearing aids with built in bluetooth pros
  *micro-5-pin interface charger adapter and USB Cable
  * the hearing aid body has the trimmer mode with High and low frequency switch
  *4 Level Volume wheel adjustable
  *Power ON/OFF switch to protect the battery lifetime
  *LED indicator and Beep sound for low batter alarm and Mode switch 
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