Bluetooth type TWS Earphone Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Bluetooth type TWS earphone rechargeable hearing aids Earsmate G18
Earsmate G18 Bluetooth tws type earphone rechargeable hearing Aids have powerful rechargeable technology. Full charge in about 4 hours , 35 hours of use - unit battery can't be replaced by users but it's built to last 3-4 years. Is very discreet and fashion like the Bluetooth tws earphone. If fits snugly in your ear canal and is almost impossible to see from the front. This G18 Bluetooth tws type earphone rechargeable hearing Aids are suitable for mild-to-severe hearing loss to wear in both right ear and left ear.


 Black / white color earphone rechargeable hearing aids 2Pcs
 Earsmate G-18
Frequency Range
Max OSPL90
118dB ± 3dB
Average OSPL90
110dB ± 4dB
Total Harmonic Distortion
Reference Test Gain
35dB ±5dB
EQ Input Noise
28dB ±3dB
Built-in Rechargeable Battery
Hearing aid battery work time
30-35 hours
Hearing Loss
Mild to Moderate
Charge case power bank
Charge 5-6 times
Color box

How to Opeartion by one finger controlled ?
It is controlled by a finger press one button.
*Press long time to 5 second for Power On/Off
Power on with Green light flash
Power off with blue light flash
*Press short time about 2s for the Volume tone adjust, it has 5 sound level.
   There will be 2 beep voice when you get the max sound level.
   The sound level can cycle switching by press the key.
And there is the green/blue light flash if power lower, then, it needs to charge.
The G-18 has memory for the Volume tone once you set it up.
This model G-18 hearing aids have the power bank box for charging the hearing aids about 5-6 times.
The hearing aids can work about 35 hours by a full charge.
This Earsmate G18 Bluetooth tws type in ear mini earphone Rechargeable hearing aids make it easier for you to carry around, Fully charged for up to 30 hours of working time continuously, you can listen without worry all day. Portable Charging Case as the power bank for 5-6 times hearing aids charging. The hearing aids are charged with a built-in large-capacity battery, which can be charged anytime and anywhere. We provide the Package with 1 Pair Hearing Amplifiers for both right and left ears fitting.
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