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There are many types of hearing aids today, such as the current rechargeable digital hearing aids. Digital hearing aids are now powered in two ways: one is the traditional one-off power supply - the button battery. The second is a rechargeable battery.


What is a rechargeable hearing aid?

Let me briefly introduce what is a rechargeable hearing aid. This rechargeable battery, like a mobile phone battery, converts electrical energy into chemical energy that is stored in the battery. When the hearing aid starts working, the battery converts the chemical energy into electrical energy, which causes the hearing aid to work properly.

What are the battery types for rechargeable hearing aids?

There are two types of rechargeable batteries currently on the market.
1. Ni-MH battery (Ni-MH)
2. Lithium-ion battery (Li-ion)
Nickel-hydrogen (NiMH) hearing aid batteries have been around for more than a decade. However, due to the limited capacity of batteries and the ever-increasing energy demands of advanced hearing aids, these batteries do not have enough energy to last all day. Besides, they do not charge more than 300 times (ie, cycle life) and therefore cannot last for a whole year.
Lithium-ion hearing aid batteries offer a new era of rechargeable users for hearing aid users. This type of battery offers a higher daily and overall battery life than NiMH batteries. The positive electrode of a lithium-ion battery is usually made of a lithium-containing compound (such as a lithium transition metal oxide) coated on a metal aluminum foil, and the negative electrode is usually made of graphite coated on a metal copper foil. Lithium-ion batteries have high energy density and can be recycled.

Advantages of rechargeable hearing aids

  • Stable power supply
For people living in cold areas, rechargeable hearing aids are a good choice, because of the low temperature, zinc batteries are difficult to work properly. In dry and low-temperature environments, the zinc empty battery consumes too much power, causing the hearing aid to be unstable, causing intermittent sound or poor sound quality. In comparison, lithium batteries perform better at low temperatures.
  • No need to replace the battery, convenient
The disposable battery is small and can be easily dropped when replaced. Also, the visual acuity and flexibility of the elderly and the elderly are lower than those of the younger. The frequency of battery replacement every 10-20 days brings great challenges to their daily lives. The rechargeable hearing aids fully consider the needs of elderly users and are very suitable for them. (If you are buying a hearing aid for the elderly, it is recommended to choose a hearing aid with charging function)
  • Safety
There are a lot of news reports that children accidentally swallowed button batteries while playing, causing huge security risks. This can be avoided by using a rechargeable digital hearing aid.
  • Avoid things that the battery doesn't work properly
Traveling abroad, business visits, hearing aids suddenly have no electricity? If you love outdoor sports, or travel frequently, the rechargeable hearing aids are your best companion. Just plug in the rechargeable battery compartment every night before going to sleep to ensure that the next day is full. When you are full, you can guarantee 1-2 days of work.

Disadvantages of rechargeable hearing aids

  • The rechargeable battery is more expensive
The price of rechargeable batteries is relatively unfriendly, and the unit price is not lower than the total amount of zinc-air batteries purchased in these 1-3 years (some manufacturers stipulate that the rechargeable battery is randomly guaranteed and replaced once); when changing the rechargeable battery, it must be sent back to the manufacturer. Disassemble and replace.
  • Charging hearing aid style cannot be formulated
Due to the special nature of the rechargeable battery, the appearance style is generally uniform. Unable to customize

How to choose a rechargeable hearing aid manufacturer?

If you are planning to buy or purchase a hearing aid with a rechargeable function. Then you can click here. Here are all the types of rechargeable hearing aids you need.
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