Cheap Portable Audiometer For Fitting Hearing Aids AD105

Two independent signal channel, Built-in Microphone , OEM Service
Cheap Portable Audiometer For Fitting Hearing Aids AD105
Cheap Portable Audiometer For Fitting Hearing Aids AD105
Cheap Portable Audiometer For Fitting Hearing Aids AD105
Cheap Portable Audiometer For Fitting Hearing Aids AD105
Cheap Portable Audiometer For Fitting Hearing Aids AD105



Air Conduction Pure Tone Test Portable Diagnostic Audiometer for Hearing Test
AD105 is a kind of high precision economical and practical screening audiometer. It can use for hearing test when fitting high-end hearing-aid and visiting service. And also use for hearing condition test of school, industrial and mining enterprises, army, fahrschule , rehabilitation center and deaf training etc.
Manufacturer Quotation date in 2019:
Sample price: 1050.0USD/set(MOQ=1 Set), Discount price: 946.0USD/set(MOQ=10 Sets)
Product function and features:
●Air conduction Pure tone test
●Provide continuant pulse voice and twitter
●Noise masking for ear(narrowband noise)
●Both sides independent sound track.
●Built-in MIC convenient to communicate with patients.
●Humanizing sound intensity output extend button to protect patient’s hearing.
●Can choose bone conduction test
●Can choose air conduction test
Performance index
1. Channel: Two independent signal channel and masking channel
2. Frequency: Air conduction and free sound field 250-8000Hz; (Bone conduction 250-6000Hz is optional)
3. Masking: Contralateral, narrowband noise
4. Sound pressure range:
Air conduction:   250 Hz   -10 -- 90HL
                          500 -- 6000Hz   -10 -- 120HL
                          8000Hz  -10 -- 110HL
Bone conduction: 500 – 4000Hz  -10 -- 70HL (optional)
5. Accuracy: Sound intensity±3dB, frequency drift<1%
6. Distortion: Air conduction: <3%; Bone conduction: <5%
7. Input interface: Response switch
8. Output interface: Air conduction earphone, Bone conduction earphone, free sound field
Standard function:
●Pure tone test. Provide continuant, pulse voice and warble tone
●5dB sound intensity stepping
●Sound intensity extension
 Physical data:
Communicate with patient: Internal MIC(50-90dB adjustable)
Answer lamp : Yes
Data transmission: No
Display screens: Double row LCD display
Power adapter: 230V AC transformer,9V output.
Size and weight: 270 x 200 x 80mm / 2.2 kg
Packaging accessory: TDH39 Air conduction earphone, responder, AC transformer
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