Do Not Forget to Protect Ears' Hearing From Deafness and Tinnitus

Do Not Forget to Protect Ears' Hearing From Deafness and Tinnitus
Today,the 3rd of March 2020 is the International Ear Care Day,which topic is Hearing for life and don’t let hearing loss limit you.Meanwhile,as one of a hearing aid suppliers,the Earsmate remind you Do Not Forget to Protect Ears' Hearing From Deafness and Tinnitus.
As it is saying, the eyes are the windows of the soul, and the ears are the gates of thinking. But the deafness and tinnitus will cut off the communication to the world. Deafness causes dumbness and deafness causes mental decline . According to statistics, the number of people with deafness, tinnitus, and hearing impairment in China has been up to 290 million, and five million people increased every year for reasons such as drugs, inflammation, and more.
In order to prevent deafness, experts call on young people to stop listening to mp3 or audio player for too long time. Clinical studies have shown that excessive use of earphones can cause people hearing loss to varying degrees, even if it does not cause deafness. In addition, protecting the ears should be like protecting the eyes. If you continue to use the earphones, you should remove the earphones every half an hour and let the ears rest properly.
Protect your ears from the stimuli of noisy environments such as bars after continued exertion. Sudden tinnitus and deafness are a difficult disease to cure. At present, the commonly used treatment method is to increase the oxygen intake of the ear, but the effect is usually not obvious. Acupuncture can help clear the meridians and improve inner ear function, but it can treat some patients only and the effect is different too.
Experts remind that the best prevention method is to be vigilant of sudden deafness. When you stay up late or are physically and mentally exhausted and nervous, if you have symptoms such as tinnitus, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting, you should go to a specialist hospital for treatment.
Deaf patients should be detected, diagnosed and treated early. For conductive deafness and mixed deafness, find out the cause of thorough treatment, improve the environment and sound transmission function in the middle ear, and restore hearing to the greatest extent.
However, if you have a hearing loss or hearing impairment, the Earsmate as one of a hearing aid suppliers can provide the best service to you for improving your hearing problem by the best rechargeable hearing aids of G28D RIC.
For one thing, this mini rechargeable digital hearing aid G28D RIC, also known as receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) hearing aids, are similar in appearance to BTE hearing aids but are even smaller and more discreet. This is due to the fact that the receiver is situated in the earpiece (rather than in the casing behind the ear) and connected to the unit’s body by a thin wire.
For another thing, the Earsmate G28D RIC is an affordable digital hearing aids, built-in the high quality lithium battery, which saves your trouble to buy button cell batteries frequently. It can be used for 30-35 hours after charging 4 hours. It can be charged via USB cable, you are able to charge anytime and anywhere.
Meanwhile,this digital hearing aids have beige color and silver blue color optional with some unique advantages of 4 Multi-channel WDRC,16 frequency bands,Adaptive Noise reduction,Adaptive Feedback cancellation,4 program mode,Acoustic Indicator and Volume tone/Mode memory if power off.
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