Do the hearing aids be useful for improving tinnitus?

Do the hearing aids be useful for improving tinnitus?
     Many patients who have the hearing loss problem with tinnitus have the feedback that their tinnitus is very loud in a quiet environment, especially at nights. so tinnitus patients often complain that the tinnitus is too noisy to sleep.But in a noisy environment, most patients with tinnitus will not notice tinnitus, and feel that tinnitus seems to "disappear".
      Do you know what is the reason for this symptom?
In fact, in a noisy environment,the tinnitus still exists, but it is only masked by the natural noise of the outside environment. However,the hearing aids can alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus based on a similar principle. By amplifying the external sound, the surround sound can mask the tinnitus partially or completely, thereby to alleviate the tinnitus in ears.
When the patients hear the ambient sound that is higher than their hearing threshold, the ability to distinguish of the nervous system on tinnitus and sound from outside will decrease gradually,then to achieve an effect of increasing the treatment on tinnitus.
The method of hearing aids for treating tinnitus is similar to a tinnitus masking therapy. Tinnitus masking therapy is a popular method of sound therapy. It uses the narrow-band noise which close to the frequency of tinnitus to cover up tinnitus for the purpose of healing.
In order to make the masking sound play the ideal masking good performance, there will be must sufficient loudness.And the hearing aid is targeted to enlarge according to the hearing loss of the hearing impaired patient. The loudness is large enough to cover the tinnitus well and to improve the therapy with tinnitus.
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