How To Protect Hearing

How to protect hearing when we are aging?
As we grow old, our hearing will decline slowly. Generally speaking, our hearing could decline since the age of 45. when we are the age of 60 year’s old, most people will have different degrees of hearing loss or deafness which is a normal physiological phenomenon and we call it the age-related hearing loss. This is because of the symptoms caused by the aging of the hearing organs.
So, when we are getting older, how can we do to protect our hearing?
Firstly, we should be happy and delight every day. Whether it is the elderly or young people, if they are in a state of tension and anxiety for a long time, their blood pressure would be increased,as time past, it will affect our hearing health, what’s the worse, it is easier for the elderly to cause it. In daily life, our old people can go for a walk and downstairs according to their physical condition, or do some sports to relax.
Secondly, stay away from noise sources. As we all know,if we stay in the noisy environment for a long time that can cause hearing loss,or it may cause tinnitus.The hearing loss caused by noise is called noise deafness.The noise could damage the eardrum and break it if there is some high-intensity explosion Sound, and lead to ear bleeding.
Thirdly, Be more careful to take the ototoxic drug. when we are older, we will suffer from many diseases inevitably. Most of these chronic diseases need to be relieved or suppressed by taking medicine.So we need to ask the doctor if the drug is an ototoxic drug or not. It will lead to our ear hearing loss if take the ototoxic drug careless.
Fourthly,try to smoke and drink as more less as possible. It is the best things If you can quit smoking and drinking. Many cardiovascular diseases are caused by smoking and drinking. Once you have these cardiovascular diseases, your hearing will also decline to some extent. If you can not stop it, try to smoke and drink as little as possible.
Fifthly, eat more foods containing the zinc, iron and calcium. In the diet, we also need to pay more attention to eat foods rich in zinc,iron and calcium,such as eggs, soy products, vegetables and fruits etc. And to eat less foods with high salt and salt, as well as those curing and processing food.
If hearing loss exists in our ears, there is greater benefit in using a device of the hearing aid in each ear – similar to wearing eyeglasses with two lenses,you can buy the hearing aids devices online or from hearing aids manufacturer of earsmate in China. And the benefits from fitting hearing aids in each ear include:
1.Improved ability to understand speech in background noise
2.Less amplification in each hearing aid reducing the possibility of feedback (hearing aid whistling)
3.Less auditory effort so you are less fatigued at the end of the day
4.Improved ability to locate the source of sound
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