How does earwax affect your ears?

Earwax is a substance secreted by everyone's ears. Some people often use a cotton swab to clean their ears. However, there are always people who don't clean their ears properly or even clean them too often, causing ear inflammation, chest tightness, and dizziness. In fact, earwax is good for people's health and does not require regular ear cleaning. So what are the benefits of earwax to the ear? This article tells you the answer.
What is earwax
Earwax, also known by the medical term cerumen, is a light yellow viscous liquid secreted by the external ear canal, which is formed by mixing dust and dander. Generally, there are two types of earwax: one is dry and the other is wet.
What are the characteristics of earwax
Moisturizing. Earwax has a moisturizing and lubricating effect on the ear canal. If the earwax is cleaned too cleanly, it can easily dry the skin, which can lead to ear peeling and itching.

Reduce irritation. Earwax in the ear canal is generally sticky. When dirty things such as sand and dust from the outside enter the ear canal, the earwax will stick them, thereby reducing irritation from the outside.

Antibacterial. Earwax contains a kind of antibacterial enzyme, lysozyme, which can destroy the cell wall of bacteria. It has defensive effect on invading cells.

It can affect hearing, and sometimes cause infections due to susceptibility to bacteria. It is very comfortable to pick your ears personally. If you want to dig, you can dig. It will not have much impact. Proper cleaning is sufficient.
How to clean up earwax
In general, less earwax is beneficial to human ears. What should I do if there is too much earwax?

Too much earwax in normal people will cause ear discomfort, but you cannot use sharp, dirty tools such as hairpins, match sticks, toothpicks, etc. You can choose medical cotton swabs sold in pharmacies to gently and tentatively remove earwax from the ear canal Skin, but cotton swabs should not be too deep.

Then tilt your head slightly to the side where you need to clean the earwax, and gently tap the outer ear with your fingers to remove the earwax. If it is oily ears, earwax does not easily come off, you can use a medical cotton swab, dipped in a little 75% alcohol, and wipe the external ear canal as needed.

Do not dig often, it is recommended to leave at least half a month. If you are unsure of yourself, ask a doctor or other professional for help.
It is worth reminding that no matter what kind of earwax is, there is no need to dig. Unless it is uncomfortable, it affects normal activities such as hearing. If earwax fills the ear canal, causing ear bloating, ear pain, hearing loss, etc., go to the hospital as soon as possible. If you don't want to go to the hospital, can you do it yourself?

This is not recommended, because the ears have a self-cleaning function, and most people's earwax can be discharged by themselves, and the chewing action when people eat can also promote the excretion of earwax.
Secondly, random ear extraction is likely to destroy the natural barrier of the ear canal skin, and it may cause ear canal eczema.

For most people, earwax does not need to be cleaned manually. When the human body speaks, eats, and yawns, it automatically discharges with the movement of the hair on the skin with the movement of the jaw. Earwax is always protecting your ears
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