How to Protect Hearing When Listening Music

How to Protect Hearing When Listening Music
In today's world, there are more and more music enthusiasts, many people around us have developed the habit of listening to music on the way to work and back home, have to be sleeping with music till to be a nice dream at night and even sleep wearing with headphones all night. As we all know, to some extent, this habit will cause different degrees of damage our hearing if we want to enjoy the sound quality and loudness of sound.
So, do you know what is the music sound level when you are listening?
The following is the volume of several sounds, you can compare them.
It’s showing the headphones play the highest volume is 120 decibels, and the aircraft take-off sound is 120 decibels, the electric drill sound is 100 decibels, noisy bar has the volume of 90 decibels, in the downtown it is 70 decibels sound environment, in our general conversation the sound degree is about 50 decibels, and in the quiet conversation will be 30 decibels.
In fact, any sound volume that higher than 85 decibels can cause people’s hearing damage, because the damage depends not only on the sound volume, but also on the time of exposure in that environment. If you are in an environment which sound volume level is 90 decibels for 8 hours a day, it will be enough to cause gradual and irreversible hearing loss. Obviously, when we are enjoying the volume loudness, the hearing impairment is starting already if we require the high quality music tone and soundness.
The earphones have different types, including the Headphones, Head-sets, Earpieces and all come with the ear buds or ear domes. And the degree of harm to the ear hearing is also different. Of course, this is also related to the sound volume you are listening. The more higher of volume will lead to the more serious of hearing damage. There are tiny cilia on the inner and outer hair cells, which help the cochlea feel and transmit sound. If exposed to noise for a long time, these hair cells will be mechanically damaged under excessive pressure. What’s the worse, this damage is irreversible.
The damage to the outer hair cells is very serious, which can cause hearing loss of 40-60dB, and the loss is irreversible. If the damage continues to expand, the inner hair cells are also damaged, which can lead to severe hearing loss or profound hearing loss. As the professional experience, there will be a suggestion as the principle of listening to music with headphones of 60/60 principle, which is to listen the music no more than 60% of the total volume and the time should not exceed 60 minutes each time. If you must listen on the road, try to use earphones instead of the plug-in headphones.
It will cause hearing damage or hearing loss if listen the music by too much loud sound volume and too long time, for example, listening it for 1 hour or more. In that case, the hearing aids devices are recommended for protecting the hearing impairment.
There are different hearing aids brands of Resound, Widex , Phonak ,Oticon,Beltone,Siemens,Newsound,Earsmate etc., different hearing aids types of BTE,ITE,CIC,ITC or rechargeable batteries for different hearing loss degree.
1.High power BTE
2. Adaptive Noise Reduction
3. Adaptive Feedback Cancellation
4. Rocker Volume Control     
5. 4 channel processor/16 bands frequency
6. Low Battery Warning
7. Volume and memory Resume
8. Exchangeable between ear hook and tube
9. Full charging time: 4 hours
10.Duration of use 30-40 Hours of use continuously
11.Cycle times: No decline within 500 times charging


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