How to treat the market of OTC hearing aids

2017 The FDA approved the first otc hearing aid developed by speaker manufacturer Bose. This also means that OTC hearing aids will be placed on the market, and patients with moderate hearing loss can go to the counter to choose their own hearing aids.

About 4,000 adults in the United States have hearing loss problems. What is needed in these people is a hearing aid that can be purchased without the doctor's prescription. I couldn't buy it from a regular pharmacy before, and I need a prescription from a doctor to buy it.

Now that the bill appears, it also means that more people can wear hearing aids without going through a medical facility.
Advantages and disadvantages of OTC hearing aids
The otc hearing aid is a type of hearing aid that is purchased at pharmacies and counters without the guidance of a physician.

Its advantages:
1. Convenient to buy, unlike previous hearing aids, he can buy it himself without the need of a professional person or a doctor.

2. Increased channels of purchase. It can be purchased at pharmacies, counters, websites. You don't need to go to the hearing agency to buy it.

3. The price is lower. Its price is cheaper than digital hearing aids, reducing the cost of service fees. Let more people wear hearing aids.

Its disadvantages:
1. Can't reduce noise like digital hearing aids.

2. Can't choose the hearing device that suits you best.
Whether OTC hearing aids will affect the traditional hearing aid industry
OTC hearing aids have an impact on traditional hearing aids and fittings. At present, there are still many people around the world who cannot wear hearing aids because of price factors. The otc hearing aid will solve this phenomenon very well. There will be more people who choose to buy otc hearing aids.

Then it is possible to make expensive hearing aids lower prices and attract more people to choose. Reduce the current state of the price of hearing aids. Forced hearing aid manufacturers to offer more preferential policies.

In the future, otc hearing aids will appear in a variety of public places for those who need hearing aid equipment.
How to choose otc hearing aid manufacturer
With the development of hearing aids, otc hearing aids will become more and more popular. Then you need to find a suitable hearing aid manufacturing in advance. Give you better hearing aids to help you grow your business.

In China you can find many excellent manufacturers here. For example, this Great Ears company.
Specializing in the production of hearing aids, the company has digital hearing aids, Bluetooth hearing aids, and otc hearing aids. Its quality and technical capabilities are recognized. And have professional certificates, qualification certificates, etc.

They can professionally customize the logo, style, color and packaging for your hearing aids. Let your hearing aids gain a huge advantage in the industry.

  If you are looking for a hearing aid manufacturer, then you are advised to visit here. This guarantee is not going to make you regret it. Looking forward to working with you!

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