Is It Supported To Buy Your Own Hearing Aids At The Otc Counter?

In 2017, Trevor Brown released an important message. That is the OTC Act, which will include hearing aids in OTC over-the-counter products. When the bill comes into effect, adults with mild to moderate hearing impairment can buy OTC hearing aids directly. Prior to this, any person with hearing impairment in the United States had to be tested and instructed by a professional hearing care provider to select a hearing aid.
The bill means that people with mild hearing loss can buy their own over-the-counter hearing aids at convenience stores or on the Internet, at relatively low prices and without the need for hearing aids to be tested by a matchmaker.
But they found that many unscrupulous businessmen were opportunistic. In a news release released in early May 2018 by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Global Concepts Limited Inc and its affiliates will be prosecuted for "MSA 30X" in their television ads as advertising deceptive propaganda. The ad claims that the device can be independently tested to help users hear up to 30 times the sound.
It is reported that the device is not a hearing aid, but PSAP, PSAP (personal sound amplification product) is approved for the use of sound amplification device, only for people with normal hearing. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has banned PSAP manufacturers from selling their products as hearing aids to people with hearing loss.

PSAPS should not confuse PSAP with OTC devices. OTC hearing aids or OTC wearable hearing devices are categories that must be approved by FDA before they are available to consumers. At present, many manufacturers are playing the edge ball of hearing enhancement equipment.

It is important to mention here the difference between OTC hearing aids and personal sound amplifiers
OTC hearing aid is a wearable amplifying device whose function is to compensate for hearing loss. The personal Auxiliary device is a simple electronic device to expand the environmental sound effect. It is not intended to compensate for hearing loss, but when the user needs to further amplify the sound due to different environments. Hearing aids are suitable for hearing impaired people. Personal sound amplifiers are suitable for normal people.
The list of erasure balls
The Federal Trade Commission has filed a lawsuit against Dilfield Beach Company (also known as Global TV Concepts Ltd,GCL Product Holdings LLC and MSA 30X LLC) in Florida. The reason is that the company deceives consumers across the country that their product, MSA 30X, is in violation of the FTC Act.
To put it simply, (PSAP), a personal voice amplification product, is sold as a OTC hearing aid with deceptive and inductive publicity, which is a scratch ball.
For the general hearing loss patients, the solution of hearing loss is relatively complex and professional. It needs to be judged and proposed by a professional hearing aid or audiologist. This is why the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) absolutely forbids the sale of personal voice amplification products to people with hearing loss. If the personal sound amplification product is applied to the hearing impaired person, it will not only not help to rehabilitate, but also may aggravate the hearing loss condition.
When you find that you or your family need to buy hearing aids after hearing damage, it is still necessary for a professional matchmaker to personalize the hearing aid according to the individual hearing loss condition and adjust it to the most comfortable listening condition. Now advanced hearing aids need to be programmed in the software to achieve more precise and meticulous debugging to help users easily achieve more hear, do more, achieve more!
At the same time, the examiner will consider the individual needs of the user, and choose the most suitable intelligent listening solution, such as the one that can give the user more autonomy: the hearing aid with some functions can be adjusted autonomously through APP. Or intelligent hearing aids that can use iPhone to make calls without extra transit.
In addition, we also need to pay attention to the choice of good service brand listening center. A well-maintained hearing aid can often last for years or more. Great EarsMate Hearing Aids comes from a Chinese manufacturer of hearing aids. Affordable and technologically advanced is a manufacturer worth considering.
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