Let's Help You to re-hear the three words

Let's Help You to re-hear the three words "I Love You"
Many of us want to hear those three special words from our loved ones -”I Love You” - but what happens when we find ourselves struggling to hear? This could possibly be known as a hearing loss issue that can cause frustrating problems within normal day to day activities.
If you’re sick of straining to make out words, repeating the word “what,” or turning the TV volume up only to hear the ones around you complain, then hearing aids could be the life changing upgrade you are looking for. Now,the hearing aids,like the Earsmate Hearing Aids are smaller and light weight for your comfort wearing. They help the adults,seniors and elderly people hear warning sounds in dangerous events; enjoy conversations with large groups, and more. We the Earsmate from China, provide multiple types of hearing aids that can fit each person’s specific style and needs for any men or women.
Firstly,the In the Ear ITE Hearing Aid G-12,
that is the hot sellers online of Amazon,Ebay,Aliexpress ,with the extra longer rechargeable battery life 40 hours by a full charge each time.
There are some features as below:
This model G-12 is the best Earsmate Rechargeable ite hearing aid as a personal sound amplifier in ear for seniors hearing loss
Ear Rechargeable Sound Amplifier 
Sound Output: 125 ± 5dB
Frequency Range: 400Hz-4500Hz
Sound Gain: ≤40 ± 5dB
Total Harmonic Wave Distortion: ≤5%
Input Noise: ≤25dB
Working Current: ≤2mA
Fit for Hearing Loss level: Mild, Moderate Severe
Battery life: Rechargeable Li battery last working for 30-40 hours by a full charge
Certifications: Medical CE,Rohs,FDA 
Secondly,it is the newest hight quality digital hearing aid by Earsmate 2019
G-28D Ric is a mini rechargeable digital hearing aids with 4 channel WDRC digital singal procesing and 16 bands frequency shape,it can seriously improve the quality of life for people with mild to moderate degree hearing loss.
     * 4 Multi-channel WDRC          
     *16 frequency bands     
     *Adaptive Noise reduction            
     *Adaptive Feedback cancellation                            
     *AGC _O  automatic            
     *4 program mode
     *Acoustic Indicator  
     *Volume tone/Mode memory if power off
*Newest 100% Digital Circuitry
*Rechargeable-charging 4 hours, running 30-35 hours.
*Multi Channels Signal Processing-with several amplification channels, the received sound is divided into different 16 frequency bands for separate analysis, processing and recurring.
*Sound Noise Synchronization Detection Optimization
*Adaptive Noise Reduction to Reduce Background Noise
*Acoustic Feedback Cancellation
*Digital Volume Levels- with prompt tone, clearly know the volume level.
*One Finger Operation-easily change the volume and program, adjust to your listening environment.
*Automatic Memory-if the device is turned off, the program and volume selection always remains the same until changed by the user.

Thirdly,this is a mini in the canal ITE Rechargeable hearing aid of G-17.
This model G-17 is a self factory R&D, unique tiny design only 1/2 inch size in 2018 with the In Ear style for adults hearing loss right Ear or Left Ear.This models have the high quality amazon Rechargeable hearing aid Lithium batteries,due to the low circuit consumption,has the super long last working for 35+ hours by a full charging 6-8 hours only.

Key Features:
★Sound MAX output: 118 dB
★Peak Sound gain: 45 dB
★EQ Input noise:  26 dB
★Total harmonic distortion: ≤5%
★Sound Frequency range: 300-3800Hz
★Built-in rechargeable battery, working 30-40 hours
★Power supply: DC1.5V  3.5mA(US,EU,UK Plug types optional)
★Low Current: ≤2mA
★Power off/on switcher
★1-Year Warranty
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