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Under the research and development of hearing aid manufacturers, we have produced a better hearing aid - digital hearing aid

The advent of digital hearing AIDS has led to better options for hearing loss. Compared with previous analog hearing aids, it has the advantages of noise reduction, feedback cancellation system, directional microphone and so on. In order to gain the favor of hearing-impaired patients.

What is a digital hearing aid?

In the noise environment, the acoustic signal of noise frequency is automatically recognized and compressed, and the speech frequency acoustic signal is emphasized to improve the signal-to-noise ratio and guarantee the speech recognition rate. The box hearing aid has no noise reduction function!

Digital hearing aids automatically choose different formulas to calculate different compensation curves according to the nature, degree and age of hearing loss of users, so as to meet the hearing needs of users to the maximum extent It can also be fine-tuned to incorporate the user's feelings.

The digital hearing aid adopts frequency division and multi-channel technology. Sound signal processing more refined, in speech fidelity, sound quality, etc. , more close to the human ear's natural experience. According to the user's different use environment, set up different listening procedures, automatic switching. For example, quiet, quiet speech, speech noise mixture, pure noise and so on up to 9 kinds.


Digital hearing aids and analog hearing aids

All hearing AIDS have four components or components: a microphone, an amplifier, a receiver or speaker, and a battery.

Microphones pick up sounds in the environment,

amplifier boost signal,

A receiver or speaker delivers a louder sound to your ear.

An amplifier makes the sound louder.

In previous techniques, it was called "analog, " and it was about what all amplifiers could do -- make the sound louder.

Analog hearing AIDS process sounds in a relatively simple way. And that is... All the sounds become louder, including the background noise and the frequency of the sounds you can already hear In other words, a hearing aid can even amplify sounds you don't want to hear-think about how jarring it is when you eat in a quiet restaurant and suddenly a plate pops . .

Digital hearing AIDS use the fourth step in sound processing: converting sound waves into digital information. The sound itself is an analog signal, but the digital hearing aid not only makes the analog signal louder, but first converts the sound into a digital configuration (saved as 0 and 1) that can then be manipulated. Therefore, digital hearing AIDS can be adjusted to store a series of 0 and 1's to change the pre-amplified sound.

If it sounds like we're talking about computers, we are. Digital hearing aids are basically microcomputer, which run a customized application to manipulate and improve sound quality.

Advantages of digital hearing aids

  • Digital signal processing helps to reduce noise and distinguish speech signals from the entire audio spectrum that promotes speech perception.
  • Reducing background noise levels can improve user comfort (especially in noisy environments such as streets) .
  • Set Flexibility to selectively amplify certain frequencies (depending on the individual characteristics of the hearing-impaired person) .
  • Effective Acoustic feedback is reduced.
  • Directional microphones can be used, which greatly enhances the perception of sound in certain environments, such as when talking face-to-face or listening to remote lecturers.
  • An extended frequency range (the ability to hear a wide range of sounds) .
  • "self-learning" adaptive adjustment, easy for multiple users to use the device.
  • The possibility of connecting devices (mobile phones, smartphones, etc.) .
  • In general, the maximum purification of sound is delivered to the user.



It's one thing to read digital hearing aids, it's another to try them. Digital hearing aids sound great and can do more for you without you having to do anything.

But keep in mind that in order to take full advantage of any pair of hearing aids, you need the technical and programming proficiency of an experienced authorized hearing expert.

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