New Bluetooth Hearing Aids from Earsmate 2019

New Bluetooth Hearing Aids from Earsmate 2019
The bluetooth isn't just a function on your smartphone anymore.However,for those people looking to purchase hearing aids, you shouldn't be surprised to find that Bluetooth technology is compatible with hearing aids now. There is so much out there it's making the experience of wearing a hearing aid a more personal and intimate one.
Do you know how does the bluetooth hearing aids improve your hearing experience?
Streaming via Bluetooth, either by streaming it to your smartphone (or an additional device like a smart television) provides many positives to the personal listening experience. As the audio signal can be set to stream to the hearing aid, this means you have a more personal in-ear experience. Whether streaming music or watching TV, by using the smartphone, the digital signal goes directly into the ear of the person listening to the sounds, and the volume can be altered to suit the listener's needs.
As with most mobile devices, you can modify the volume or program directly from the streamer. This is useful if your hearing aid is unable to make the most of these external controls. What can be beneficial for a hearer’s experience as far as entertainment is concerned, by having multiple devices paired to one streamer you can switch between them with ease. This means that you don't have to disconnect from each item. For example, you can stay connected to your smartphone while using your tablet to stream a movie or music.
Here's the affordable new Earsmate bluetooth hearing aids introduction:
The model G-25BT is a Bluetooth hearing aid and headset fitting for hearing loss behind ears by Earsmate China.
Take your daily phone calls and music streaming to the next level by easily connecting Earsmate Bluetooth hearing aid devices to your mobile phone through Bluetooth ZTQ!Using the Bluetooth technology and enjoy your favorite songs in high quality.Enjoy high sound quality with or without the boost. To experience the gift of hassle-free, high quality sound, simply press the M Mode button for around 3 seconds to turn on the Bluetooth.
Product Specification:
• Bluetooth V4.2 chips
• Maximum sound output up to 125dB
• Maximum sound gain up to 45dB
• BTE Hearing aid fitting for adults and seniors hearing impaired
• Rechargeable battery capsules (last working 60hours per charge)
• DC5V 1A Power charger for the 60mAH Li-on battery–provides at least 500 cycles of charging
• Approximately 3-6 hours for full power charging
• One set of hearing device, three different uses: amplify the Ear hearing, answer calls or listen to music.
• Adjust the volume of each ear hearing aid individually with 4 level.
• Time for hearing amplifier mode Up to 60 hours (Subject to the surrounding noise level)
• Talk time is up to 5 hours
• Music playing time is up to 5 hours
• Standby time about 100 hours
• Voice prompt in English
Product features:
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