New Bluetooth Standard LE Audio and Classic Audio

New Bluetooth Standard LE Audio and Classic Audio
What is the Bluetooth Technology?
Bluetooth technology is a low-power wireless protocol that connects electronic devices while they are close to each another.Instead of creating a local-area network (LAN) or a wide-area network (WAN), Bluetooth creates a personal-area network (PAN) just for you. Cell phones, for example, can be paired with wireless Bluetooth headsets.
With the Bluetooth technology,the Earsmate company create our hearing aids that can be compatible Iphone / Android mobile with the Bluetooth App to control the hearing device and enjoy the music,or TV watching and coversation etc..
Earsmate mini bluetooth hearing aid G22 BT
We take the G22 BT  to new levels to expand the possibility of it. Now it is offering a complete sense of freedom and control, as we update its programming support and wireless communication features.
Our newest app and 2.4Ghz wireless technology let your customer control their hearing aids through their iPhone®, iPad®, iPod® touch and most Android devices.
Control this G22 BT via the App to set-up the right ear or left ear's Volume tone, Trimmer,as well as the listening program modes,meanwhile,it is display the power level timely.
What is the LE Audio ?
At CES 2020 of Jan 6, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group has announced a new Bluetooth standard for audio. The new standard is called LE (Low Energy) Audio and is designed to enhance the Bluetooth audio experience with features like audio sharing, native support for hearing aids, and more.
Bluetooth is getting a significant feature update with the new LE Audio standard announced by the Bluetooth SIG at CES this week. Bluetooth LE Audio is intended to fix a number of issues that make the feature less capable and flexible than it ought to be while simultaneously improving audio quality.
What is the Benefit by the Bluetooth LE Audio?
Bluetooth LE Audio will natively support multi-stream audio. Right now, when your phone sends a Bluetooth signal to a pair of earbuds, the signal only gets sent to one earbud, which is then responsible for relaying the signal to the other earbud. If you’ve ever noticed that one of your earbuds tends to drain before the other, this would be the reason why — one earbud is working as a transmitter and receiver, while the other is only receiving. With multi-stream audio support, that problem is gone. This may help with audio latency; LE Audio won’t need to use software tricks to make the audio in your ears synchronize properly.
Another added benefit of multi-stream support is that multiple people will be able to tune into the same broadcast you are. This feature is called Broadcast Audio and allows audio streams to be shared with multiple people. A Bluetooth SIG representative told The Verge that hearing aid owners who attend a movie theater would be able to synchronize their hearing aids with the film.
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