New Hidden In The Ear Invisible Hearing Aids Digital

Cic Hearing Aids , Noise/Feedback Reduction , OEM Service
New Hidden In The Ear Invisible Hearing Aids Digital
New Hidden In The Ear Invisible Hearing Aids Digital
New Hidden In The Ear Invisible Hearing Aids Digital
New Hidden In The Ear Invisible Hearing Aids Digital
New Hidden In The Ear Invisible Hearing Aids Digital



New Hidden In The Ear Invisible Hearing Aids Digital
New brand Earsmate micro invisible hearing aid digital signal processing for clear crystal sound, mini CIC hidden in the deep ear canal for  hearing loss enhancer.
The new Invisible hearing aids are deep fitting hearing devices that sit deep within the ear canal that cannot be seen that is the preference for young people.
cic 110 EM
Features of Digital Invisible cic hearing aids Devices
1. New intelligent multi-core digital signal processor
2. ERAC context analysis based WDRC technology
3. 2/4/8 independent compression-amplification channels
4. 16 independent adjustable bands
5. 3 Color/OEM(option)
6. Low level noise reduction technology
7. Feedback suppression technology
8. 4 listening programs mode
9. Program switch tone
10. Low battery warning tone
11. Power on delay
12. Microphone overlay processing technology
13. Tel-coil (option)
14. Automatic T/M switch (option)
15. Volume control trimmer (option)
16. Program switch button (option)
Earsmate cic  hearing aids
CIC invisible hearing aids specification
Product Name
Earsmate Invisible deaf hearing machine smallestCIC/IIC hearing aids
Earsmate Cic/IIC hearing aids devices
Technical Data
IEC 60118-7/ANSI S3.22-2003
Peak OSPL90 (dB SPL):
Peak Gain (dB):
HFA Full on Gain (dB):
Total Harmonic Distortion:
500HZ < 1%
800HZ < 1%
1600HZ <0.2%
EQ Input Noise (dB):
Battery Current (mA):
Battery / Fitting Range:
A10 zinc air battery
CIC hearing aids
     Founded in 2016, the Earsmate has been dedicated to creating highly innovative hearing aids and personal sound amplifiers healthcare devices with affordable price for the hearing impaired around the world. With the core mission "For nice hearing and life', The Earsmate believes that a simple hearing device can help people enjoy their daily life with their families. Guided by ISO13485 Quality Management System(QMS), Earsmate is proundly recognized for its complete integrated research and development team and manufacturing facilities along with speedy responsive technical support and after service. Earsmate is now being one of the world's best and most trusted OEM/ODM providers within the hearing health industry.
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Factory: 3rd Floor,#35 of Industry Road West,Dongshen of Zhongshan,Guangdong,China
Advanced Digital Great EarsMate Hearing Aid Amplifiers for Nice Hearing Life


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