New Lithium-ion Powered Hearing Aid Ric Rechargeable devices

New Lithium-ion Powered Hearing Aid Ric Rechargeable devices
Modern rechargeable hearing aids have proven hugely popular with hearing aid users. All of the big hearing aid brands have taken notice and they all have introduced them to their ranges.Here,we introduce a new Ricrechargeable hearing aids offered by the brand of EarsMATE China and will be updated as more new innovations come along. 
Phonak was, of course, the first brand to introduce the modern range of rechargeable hearing aids but they were quickly followed by Signia. The two market leaders introduced Lithium-Ion powered rechargeable hearing aids. And it now looks like every hearing aid brand will introduce Lithium-Ion powered rechargeables.
The rechargeable hearing aids introduced in 2019 are as follows:
 1.Bernafon Viron miniRITE-R: Lithium-ion powered rechargeable RIC from Bernafon
 2.Unitron Moxi Jump R Discover: Lithium-ion powered rechargeable RIC from Unitron
 3.Earsmate G-28C-RIC: Lithium-ion powered rechargeable RIC from EarsMATE China
 4.Oticon Opn S miniRite-R: Lithium-ion powered rechargeable RIC from Oticon
 5.Phonak Audeo Marvel R: Lithium-ion powered rechargeable RIC from Phonak
 6.Signia Styletto Connect: Lithium-ion powered rechargeable slim RIC from Signia
 7.Resound LiNX Quattro Rechargeable: Lithium-ion powered rechargeable RIC from Resound
The EarsMATE had introduced a Lithium-Ion powered rechargeable hearing aid in 2016 and R&D some new rechargeable hearing aid devices,such as the RIC type rechargeable hearing aid,as well as the wireless charging of rechargeable hearing aid.
Now,let's make a introduction with the Ric rechargeable hearing aid G-28C. 
This Earsmate G-28C Rechargeable RIC hearing aid is lightweight and virtually invisible and so you can wear it longer. It will enhance the sound of your radio, television and conversation and the switcher volume control will let you have precise sound setting. You can charge it via the USB charger and it is rechargeable and so you won’t have to buy hard to find cell batteries. 
1.Receiver in ear Canal
2.Small Discreet RIC Hearing device
3.Fitting for mild to moderate hearing loss
4.Wearing discreet back over ear right or left type
5.Easy to Use for adults,senior and elderly
6.DC5V 1A power USB Charger
7.Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
8.Battery working 40hours by a 4-6 hours charging
9.Volume tone adjustable by up/down button
10.Two trimmer mode for different environment frequency
11.Memory function for tone and trimmer mode
12. FDA,CE,CFS certificates
This new G-28C is a mini ric rechargeable hearing aid by EarsMATE based the factory unique module design and software developing.The Earsmate Hearing Aid G28 is a slimline, unobtrusive yet comfortable behind-the-ear hearing aid. The Earsmate RIC is not only an exceptionally small receiver-in-canal style device but is also packed full of the latest rechargeable battery. Almost invisible when worn, the Earsmate RIC allows you to get on with your daily life by providing a quality sound you can rely on.
It is a small, discreet and quick to fit and perfect for many first-time hearing aid users.Due to the Ready-to-wear OTC Hearing device,it no need the professional audiologist or hearing aid dispenser to fitting or hearing test required.


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