Reasons for various hearing aid problems

Simple fault diagnosis and treatment of hearing aids

Failure phenomenon: howling

●Standard earplugs are not applicable

●The ear mold is not sealed

●The ear mold vent is too big for the ear hook to rupture

● Hearing aid gain is too high

●Order ear mold

● modify or redo the ear mold

● Modify the ear mold or cancel the vent hole replacement ear hook

● Reduce hearing aid benefits or use hearing aids with DFS feedback suppression

Fault phenomenon: silent

●Not turned on (0nd gear) Put the switch in the "N" or "H" position switch is broken. Replace the switch.

●The battery is low or dead. Replace the battery and the battery clip is not in good contact.

●Scrape the battery clip or the oxide on the surface of the battery

●Battery leakage 

●Cleaning or replacing the movement

●The ear mold or earplug is blocked. Cleaning and removing foreign matter

● Headphone port, microphone port filter blockage 

● Remove foreign objects

●The box machine is broken and the earphone is damaged.

Fault phenomenon: small sound

●The volume potentiometer is placed low

● Increase the volume potentiometer

●The battery is low

●Replace the battery

● Plugging in earplugs or ear molds

● Cleaning and removing foreign matter

● too much earwax

● Consult a doctor to remove earwax

●User hearing loss

● Increase the volume or replace the high-power hearing aid failure phenomenon: the sound is intermittent

●The battery is low

●Replace the battery battery and the battery clip are not in good contact

●Scrape the battery clip or the oxide on the surface of the battery. The contact of the headphone lead is poor or disconnected.

●Replace the inner circuit of the wire hearing aid

● send repair

Fault phenomenon: noise and noise

●The battery is low

●Replace the battery

●The battery is in poor contact with the battery clip

●Scratch the battery clip or the oxide on the surface of the battery.

●Replace the potentiometer switch is in poor contact

● Replacement switch


●Microphone failure

●Normal low-frequency noise. Understand customer's hearing, distinguish between noise and noise. Symptoms: Sound distortion, microphone sound guide, blocked speaker damage.

●Be careful to remove foreign objects

●Replace the receiver

●Cable machine headset is damaged

●Change headphones

Fault phenomenon: large power consumption

Poor battery quality or low battery

Replace high quality battery

Hearing aids are subject to local leakage

How to avoid dealing with problems?

1. Avoid soiling hearing aids

Keep fingers clean and dry before operating the hearing aid. The microphone interface is only a few tens of millimeters

(1/16~1/8 inches) wide, easy to block

2. Avoid tapping and collision of sharp objects

Sitting on a soft surface (bed or sofa) and removing the hearing aid

3. Keep the hearing aid away from the heat source

Never place the hearing aid in a place where it may overheat. Avoid direct sunlight (at home or in parked vehicles) and do not place it around the heater.

4. Avoid moisture

Remove the hearing aid before showering, bathing or swimming. Do not place the hearing aid in the bathroom, which may be damaged by moisture. Dry the sweat in your ears and ears frequently. Moisture and condensed water droplets can damage the circuitry inside the hearing aid. We recommend opening the battery compartment at night and using special tools available from hearing health professionals.

5. Keep hearing aids away from children and pets

Dogs don't like the sound of feedback (howling), but they are attracted by the smell of the owner, often leading to chewing hearing aids. If the hearing aid battery is swallowed, it is very dangerous. If the battery is accidentally caught, please consult a doctor immediately.

6. Avoid contact with cosmetics or hair spray

Fine particles from cosmetics and hair gels can easily block the entrance to the microphone. Be sure to use

Remove the hearing aid before the product

7. Carefully clean the hearing aid

Always use a dry, soft cloth to clean the hearing aid. Solvents and cleaning fluids can damage electronic circuits

8. Keep your ears clean

Keep your ears clean. If the sound of the hearing aid is weakened, it may be because the sound outlet or the earwax filter is blocked by earwax or dirt. You can get special cleaning from a hearing health professional

9 put the hearing aid in a safe place

When the hearing aid is not in use, it should be placed in a box or in a specially dried box. When not in use for a long time, the battery should be taken out

10. Ask the expert to repair

Screwdrivers and oils can cause fatal damage to hearing aids. Simply touching the electronics or tiny forces can cause irreparable damage. Let hearing health professionals serve your hearing aids

Maintenance and maintenance

Maintenance and maintenance

Keep the hearing aid clean; clean the hearing aid with a dry cotton ball at least 1~2 times a week, if necessary

Scrubbing with alcohol should prevent fluid from flowing into the hearing aid.

Care should be taken to keep the receiving and transmitting channels open and often in the earplugs or ear molds.

Dirty and accumulated water, check if there is any foreign matter in the microphone port. Especially for ear canal hearing aids

Pay attention to the commonly used small brush to clean the earwax plugged in the sounding port, and replace it if necessary.

For more details on maintenance, check out my Hearing Aid Maintenance And Daily Protection

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