The Causes for Hearing Loss in Daily Life

Do you know the five reason cause the Hearing problem to hearing loss
There are five reasons to cause the hearing loss badly which are ignored easily in our daily life.
1. Exposure in noise pollution environment long time: For example,it is often to wear the headphones to listen to music or learn English,there is the loud voice but the users are not aware that it is the noise.Day after day,the tympanic membrane is caused serious damage. And the users’ auditory nerve has become slowing reaction due to frequent ultrasound stimulation, which will lead to the hearing be worse and loss.
2. Diseases of the whole body:The systemic diseases of our body will cause the hearing problem,such as the vegetative nerve disorder, cerebral blood supply deficiency, pre-stroke, hypertension, hypotension, anemia, diabetes, malnutrition.
3. Eating stimulating foods:These foods are including the tobacco, alcohol, barbecue and other irritating foods which are the important reasons to cause the hearing loss. Too many stimulating foods usually cause serious irritation to the capillaries and auditory nerves of the ear.
4. The diseases of Ears: The normal ear diseases are also an important cause for hearing loss, such as idiopathic deafness, otitis media and other diseases.If these ear disease can not treat and cure timely and effective,they will damage ear cells seriously and leading to ear hearing loss directly.
5. Over-pressure: If we are working at high pressure every day, the spirit will be in a status of tension for a long time. The stimulation of the inner ear causes spasm and then it is obstruction of the capillaries of the auditory nerve, which cause the inner ear blood supply disorder, the neuroepithelial cell will be dead with no enough blood and nutrition which leads the hearing reduction and loss without any sign.
The nice hearing is the insurance for the nice life.As the hearing aids products manufacturer of Earsmate from China,we suggest all friends to pay more attention to the ear health care and protection the ear hearing health by wearing the right hearing aids.
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