The EarsMATE Trademark Registration Certificate

The EarsMATE Trademark Registration Certificate
Brand Name : EARSMATE
App No./reg No. : 35036058
International Classification  : 10
Exclusive right duration: 7 Sept. 2019 to 6 Sept. 2029
Goods/services :
EarsMATE goods and service is including the hearing protectors, hearing aids, earplugs (hearing protectors), otorhinolaryngological instruments, physiotherapy equipment,  sex doll, Mask, nose aspirator, denture set, trumpet hearing aids.
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The company has always been adhering to the "quality first, customer first" corporate purpose, keep the continuous improvement and innovation to meet the market as the management policy and "zero defect, zero complaints" as the Quality Management objective.

With the core mission “For Great hearing and Nice Life”, We sincerely believe that such a great ears mate hearing aid device will bring a nice life to the customers. Either for oneself, friends, colleges or partners, the great Earsmate easy-to-use and affordable hearing aids would be the great choice for the hearing-impaired people.
For great hearing and nice Life,start to contact us Now!


Renewal of Trademark Registration Certificate
China Trademark Registration Certificate shall remain valid for a period of ten years. Where the trademark owner intends to continue using the registered trademark, the renewal application shall be made within twelve months prior to the date of expiration. Where no application for renewal is filed, a grace period of six months is allowed. If no application for renewal is filed at the expiration of the grace period, the registered trademark shall be cancelled, the trademark owner will finally lose it. After the application for trademark registration renewal is examined by Trademark Office, authority will issue trademark renewal certificate, no other trademark registration certificate will be issued. Original certificate of trademark registration and trademark renewal certificate shall be used together.


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