What Are the Earsmate Best Digital Hearing Aids of 2020?

What Are the Earsmate Best Digital Hearing Aids of 2020?
Hearing aids have come a long way since the first behind-the-ear models were developed in the 1960s and 1970s. In fact, you might remember what some of these devices looked like: big, bulky, beige, and very noticeable. They would sit uncomfortably behind the ear and amplify all the sounds around you. Now, fast forward to 2020 – hearing aids look more like something out of a James Bond movie than the big medical devices your grandparents used to wear.
Every year, manufacturers like Signia, Starkey,Earsmate and Phonak introduce new Digital Hearing Aids products and technology upgrades for market. That being said, here are just a few Digital hearing aids innovations to look out for in 2020.
Smartphone Connectivity
Whether you’re at a local coffee shop, home goods store, or at a park, you can be sure to find people staring down at the glowing screen that is in their hands. Moreover, with new Apple iPhones and Android devices coming out year after year, there is no doubt that smartphones will eventually replace landline phones for good. Although you don’t need a smartphone to operate a hearing aid, it can definitely make it easier to adjust settings and change programs. In 2020, hearing aid manufacturers are focusing on developing products that are compatible with smartphones. This comes with many benefits for the user, as it gives them more control over the way they hear in any environment. One major benefit of hearing aids with smartphone connectivity is the ability to adjust the volume, bass, and treble through an app. Older hearing aid models required either a visit to the specialist’s office for adjustments or fiddling around with the device itself. With the smartphone app, you can discreetly change settings and make adjustments on your own – without anyone noticing. Basically, the app serves as a remote control for your hearing aids.
myCall-to-text app from Phonak
One amazing innovation in 2020 that is harnessing the power of smartphone connectivity is Phonak’s myCall-to-text app. If you have ever had trouble following conversations on the phone, you know how frustrating it can be for both you and the person on the other line. Phonak came up with an extraordinary solution that allows you to read, in real time, what your conversation part says. During a call, the app writes out what the other person is saying, so that you can read what you hear on your smartphone. You can even save the transcription and read it at a later time. The myCall-to-text app is just one example of the type of innovations that are in store for this year and the years to come. Please note: they have to be connected to Wi-Fi for this feature to work.
Earsmate CIC invisible digital Hearing Aids!
After 1 year of R&D, Earsmate engineers have found a way to pack cutting-edge technology in a device so small, it invisible inside your ears,not discovered in both right ear and left.It is the Earsmate Earsmate CIC invisible digital Hearing Aids G11
Thanks to the company’s dedication to innovation, they’re constantly producing devices that revolutionize the world of Digital hearing aids, making it possible for you to have the best listening experience in any environment.
NEW Invisible digital hearing aid G-11 is the Advanced digital sound amplifier inner the LEFT or right Ear for mild to moderate hearing loss adults in the hearing aid batteries size A10.
*Fully digital signal processing,
*Adaptive Noise Reduction,
*Adaptive Feedback Cancellation,
*Multi-channel WDRC,
*16-band Graphic Equalizer,
*AGC_O with variable threshold,
*Digital Volume Control,
*4 Fully Configurable Memories,
*Acoustic Indicators,
*Tone/Mode Remember 


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