What is The Best Rechargeable Hearing Aid

What is The Best Rechargeable Hearing Aid?
There are many different brands rechargeable hearing aids in the market now,including the famous brand of Resound,Widex,Phonak,Siemens ,as well as some new brand of Eargo ,Earsmate etc..Do you know what is the best rechargeable hearing aid in 2021?
Here, let's introduce the new brand of Earsmate to YOU:
Earsmate, a Chinese hearing aids products brand built-in 2016, who is full of love and innovation, hopes to help more people enjoying the nice hearing life. We are an innovative hearing aid research and production company, providing professional OTC hearing aids products and services. We are the new member in the global hearing industry. As an emerging over-the-counter hearing devices supplier (including the Digital hearing aids, rechargeable hearing aids, Bluetooth hearing aids, Invisible hearing aids, BTE,CIC,ITE,RIC devices), reducing the cost of hearing aids and improving the products quality to meet customers’ satisfaction are the goals we have been pursuing. We are devoting in the Middle and low end hearing aids products market with affordable prices ranging from tens to hundreds dollars.
The New Model of G18 is the best Earsmate MINI rechargeable hearing aids 2021,with the power bank charging box.
EarsMATE G18 Rechargeable Hearing Aids:
1.Wireless earbuds looking like the bluetooth earphone for amplifying sound function, which can be used for hearing impairment people;
2. High sound quality with fashion design ;
3. Hearing loss group would not prefer people to know they are wearing a hearing aid device, and this item not only help user to regain the sound but also can protect user's privacy because of product's appearance ;
4.Big button and obvious indicator light, magnetic contact for recharge;
5. With power bank case and easy for recharging in any time;
6.Different size ear tips for different ear size
Friendly Tips by Earsmate:
  • Users should correctly understand the functions and effects of hearing aids, require correct psychological preparation, and require the necessary psychological adaptation process to finally get used to hearing aids.
  • Read the instruction manual carefully and completely before use.
  • If the volume is too loud, it will cause hearing loss. It is recommended that you can perform self-training in a quiet environment when you wear it for the first time, and you can readjust the tone after 2-3 months.
  • This product is suitable for hearing loss people with normal auricle and external auditory canal to compensate for hearing loss.
Do you find what is the best rechargeable hearing aid now? We are highly delightful to recommend the Earsmate G18 mini model to you, it is packed 2Pcs mini in ear canal rechargeable hearing aids with the portable power bank charge box,that you can charge the hearing aids anywhere anytime.
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