Why Personal Sound Amplifier Had Been So Popular Till Now

Are you upset in life if you can't hear the other person's voice?
You are sure that your hearing is a little bit problematic, but would you like to improve your hearing?
You don't know the difference between a high hearing aid and a cheap personal sound amplifier (psap)?
You don't know how to choose the personal sound amplifier that suits you.
If you are experiencing the above problems, please continue to look down. The following may be useful to you. More and more people use psap to replace the role of hearing aids.
Then this article will let you know the advantages of personal sound amplifiers and various types of equipment.

What is a personal sound amplifier

The purpose of the personal sound amplifier (psap) is to expand the ambient sound, and the user does not intend to compensate for the damaged hearing, so no professional debugging is required. Suitable places for personal hearing aids include watching TV, listening to lectures, talking to family and friends, and so on.
Personal hearing aids are not used to diagnose, treat, cure or alleviate diseases and do not alter the structure or function of the body. They are not medical devices. Therefore, it is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
If the hearing aid is a prescription drug that requires the guidance and help of a physician, the personal sound amplifier is similar to the self-helping OTC over-the-counter drug.

Best personal sound amplifier

As the price of hearing aids soars, the general price of a hearing aid is $2,000. The price of a personal sound amplifier is typically one-fifth that of a hearing aid. For people whose hearing loss is not very serious, psap can be chosen.
There are many types of psap, and then we will explain the common types.

Bluetooth personal sound amplifier

This is a new Bluetooth technology personal sound amplifier G-25BT. Adopt the latest wireless technology. Suitable for both adults and seniors, this psap can link mobile phones, TVs and music devices.
1. Sound output: 120dB ± 5dB
2. Peak gain: 40dB ± 5dB
3. Harmonic distortion: ≤5%
4. Frequency range: 450~5000 hz
5. Equivalent input noise: ≤28dB6
6. Adjustable volume wheel

TV personal sound amplifier

With a lightweight and comfortable personal sound amplifier, the G-21 is an affordable option that delivers clear sound boost when you need it most. Suitable for minor or moderate hearing loss, the wearer can make the volume of the TV more clear and comfortable.
Noise cancellation and clear sound
Feedback reduction technique
Fine tuning mode NH for low frequency or high frequency
Volume wheel adjustable 1-4
Suitable for mild to moderate severe hearing loss
Peak OSPL 90 (dB SPL): 120dB ± 5dB
HAF OSPL 90 (dB SPL): 115dB ± 5dB
Peak gain (dB): less than 40dB
HAF / FOG gain (dB): ≤ 30dB
Distortion rate: ≤5% at 800Hz;
≤3.0% at 1600Hz
EQ input noise (decibel): ≤ 28 decibels

Digital hearing aid

This model is the G-17, a uniquely compact design with a new 1/2 inch size In Ear-style digital hearing amplifier for adult and seniros deafness hearing loss right or left ear.
1. Sound MAX output: 118 dB
2. Peak sound gain: 45 dB
3. Equalizer input noise: 26 dB
4. Total harmonic distortion: ≤5%
5. Sound frequency range: 300-3800Hz

Will psap use damage to hearing?

According to the survey, the vast majority of PSAPs are safe. Anyone that makes a loud sound in your ear does have the potential to cause harm, he pointed out that a too-loud device would create only a brief loud sound, giving you the Opportunity to pull the device out of your ear before it does any damage. "Overall, they're pretty safe," said Reed.

Final suggestion

If you are a general or minor hearing loss patient can choose Personal sound amplifier to improve your life. If you are a moderately or above patient, it is best to go to the medical center to choose a hearing aid that suits you. Timely treatment of your own hearing problems.
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