Why do you need a hearing aid company?

Over time, there are more and more patients with hearing loss worldwide. The number of people using hearing aids has also increased year by year. Hearing aid companies have seized the market. The world's 80% hearing aid market is occupied by six major manufacturers. A variety of hearing aid retailers, wholesalers began to purchase a variety of hearing aids to meet the needs of users.
Mainstream hearing aid
With the maturity of technology, the most popular digital hearing aids on the market today. Gradually these digital hearing aids have replaced analog hearing aids. The digital hearing aid is worn, the sound is more natural, the distortion of the sound is reduced, and the intelligent signal processing function is provided.

This stems from the rapid development of improved microelectronics technology for hearing aid chips. Become the driving force of the global market. At present, the six major hearing manufacturers have their own patented chips. Other hearing aid companies buy from public chip makers.

Obviously, due to the independent development of the chip, the competition for hearing aids has risen from simple functions to chip technology. Due to the improvement of the chip platform, the expansion of the manufacturer's hearing aid product line, we have seen the introduction of hearing aids that can meet the different needs of different lifestyles, economic capabilities and hearing loss, ranging from deep ear canal hearing aids to ear-back machines.
Hearing aid company
Whether you are a hearing aid dealer or a retailer, you need an organization that can provide long-term supply. Then choose a hearing aid company is your best choice.

The benefits of choosing a hearing aid company
As far as hearing aid companies are concerned, they have their own independent brands. These brands represent the image and reputation of their company. As Starkey, you know that he is a hearing aid company from the United States. Specialized in custom hearing aids. You can consider whether you want to purchase hearing aids produced by their company. We can also learn from the brand about the quality of the hearing aids it produces, and how effective is it? What is the user's word of mouth?

Quality assurance
I believe that many organizations will care about the quality of hearing aids when they purchase again. Is there any problem. So if you choose a hearing aid company then you should not worry about this. Because each hearing aid company will check the quality of the hearing aid before delivery. Whether each performance is up to standard. It will be delivered to you after confirmation. Therefore, it has reliable quality assurance.

Hearing aid companies generally have their own factories and research and development bases. Then the price can be discussed with them, if you are sure to cooperate with them for a long time, then the price can be more favorable. Because you are their stable source of customers.

Custom service
Today's hearing aid companies not only provide the most popular hearing aids, but also customize their own branded hearing aids. Customize your logo. Helps you better promote and sell your products.
Hearing aid company brand
Company:William Demant
Founded in 1904 by Hans Demant in Denmark to help his hearing-impaired wife Camilla. Oticon was later run by his son William Demant and is still owned by the William Demant Holding Group today.
Oticon's current philosophy is "people-oriented."
Oticon is highly regarded for creating Digifocus, the world's first digital hearing aid.
Today, they focus on personalizing accessories for each wearer to get a more natural and relaxed listening experience, which they call BrainHearing technology.
Widex is headquartered in Denmark and has a full carbon dioxide neutral building. They are a family business founded in 1956.
They are known for their breakthrough computer modeling and laser technology custom headphones (CAMISHA housing) and have the first all-digital in-ear hearing aid.
Their philosophy "Hearing is our concern" began in 1967 with the founder of William Austin. Starkey has a strong commitment to philanthropy and will donate to the Starkey Hearing Foundation every time you purchase a Starkey hearing aid. Through this foundation, they donated more than 1 million hearing aids to people around the world.
Starkey is the only operating hearing aid supplier in the United States, located in Minnesota.
Starkey is acclaimed for creating the industry's first canal hearing aid and the first custom digital invisible hearing aid.
Founded in 1947, the global headquarters: Switzerland, Germany and Germany. One of the Sonova Group's hearing aid brands. A multinational listed company specializing in the research, development, production and sales of high-tech hearing aids and FM wireless FM hearing aids. It is the academic leader of the global hearing industry. Relying on professional hearing technology and cooperation with the majority of hearing and health care professionals, Fengli is committed to greatly improving the living standards of the hearing impaired.
The origin of the Santos Group began with Siemens, which was founded in 1878 by Werner von Siemens. He developed a phone call for hearing-impaired patients to better understand the conversations on the phone.
In 1959, Siemens developed the first BEP hearing device Siemens Auriculate.
They are best known for releasing the first digital hearing aid with two microphones (directional microphones), the first wireless hearing aid, and the recently the first waterproof digital hearing aid.
Company:GN Resound
ReSound is a company founded in 1943 and headquartered in Denmark. They are owned by the GN ReSound Group.
ReSound is acclaimed for creating new sound processing systems with Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC). They are also the first major hearing aid company to introduce open hearing devices, which is still popular today.
Recently, they were one of the earliest hearing aid companies to release iPhone hearing devices.

Company:Great Ears

This Great Ears company is found in the Year of 2016 in Zhongshan Guangdong province of China. It is a fast-growing manufacturer in the fields to R&D, design and sells the advanced great EarsMate brand digital hearing aid, OTC hearing aid, Bluetooth hearing aid, hearing amplifier and personal sound amplifier (PSAPs) hearing devices. 

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