Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Best OTC In Ear Walmart Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Quick charge,battery time 40hrs,OEM Service
Best OTC In Ear Walmart Rechargeable Hearing Aids



Best OTC In Ear Walmart Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Earsmate G32 rechargeable hearing aids
The best OTC walmart rechargeable nhs hearing aids for ears deafness designed for seniors and adults mild to moderate hearing loss assist. This Earsmate G32 upgraded banglijian hearing amplifiers have better speakers, help users to hear missed and lost sounds with maximum clarity.Meanwhile,the quality rechargeable battery has super long working time by the quick charging only 2 hours.


* 100% new device         
*  Mini ITE Aid  
* USB Rechargeable                          
* Soft ear domes
* Fitting in Ear   
* Quick charging in 2 hours
* Volume adjustable

* For the Mild to moderate hearing loss
* Low battery drain
* Rechargeable battery life up to 40 hours
* 1 Year Warranty
* Quick Delivery
* OEM Service
* FDA,ISO13485 certificates
* Shipping by DHL/UPS/FedEx/TNT or Air or Sea
The Earsmate nhs hearing aids fitting for in ear canal is installed with the newest noise reduction microchip combined with excellent bass boost and anti-howling function making it the most ideal personal hearing assistance device for hearing loss sound amplifier.

Why is it?

Simple Key Operation:
Adjust the button to power on/off,adjust volume wheel,simple and easy to use.
Clearer Sound:
It's intelligent noise reduction chip can effectively reducing background noise and howling,Improve the sound pickup effect,make the sound clearer.

Ergonomically designed by skilled hearing instrument specialist, soft ear dome in ear canal, amplify sound effectively comfortable to wear.

Quick charge and long life:
the inexpensive rechargeable hearing aid machine can work for 40 hours continuously by a quick charging only about 2 hours(LED Red for charging,LED Green for finished).

More about it

Light Weight and Comfortable:
The nhs Hearing aids for ears are small-in-size and designed with gel-flexible silicone ear caps. Each unit comes with 3 pcs of soft ear tips (S/M/L) for various ear sizes which ensure a solid and comfortable fit for every user.

Easy to Use: 
The rechargeable banglijian hearing amplifiers are easy to use. Simply move the button of the hearing aids lightly with your finger to switch it on/off and The volume can be adjusted by pressing the volume buttons, with low and medium power.

USB Charger: 
The earsmate walmart rechargeable hearing aids for seniors are charged with a built-in large-capacity battery.(it is the DC5V power charger that same as the Android phone cable)It only takes two hours to charge each time, but it can be used for 40 hours.


The Earsmate G32 best OTC Over-the-counter in ear nhs walmart rechargeable hearing aids is fitting for seniors and elderly mild to moderate hearing loss.

1.Max Sound Output: 115±5 dB
2.Max Sound Gain: 27dB ± 5dB
3.Harmonic Wave Distortion: ≤5%
4.Frequency Range: 350~4500 hz
5.Input Noise: ≤26 dB
6.Battery type: Rechargeable Li-ion
7.working Voltage: DC5V
8.Battery life: MAX 40hrs by 2 hours charging
9.Color: Beige color

what is the package including?

In this low cost rechargeable hearing aids kit , you’ll receive the package included:  
1x Hearing aid, 1x charger adapter,1x USB cable, 1x bag with 4 silicone ear domes, 1x cleaning brush,1x User manual and 1x compact box. 

Should be NOTE:

1.This item is not recommended for individuals with serious to severe hearing loss,suitable for mild, moderate and hearing loss. 
2.The product is not waterproof, Not for use in water, like shower. 
3.Please increase the volume control gradually to avoid sudden increase in sound. 4.Please clean the products every day, avoid being blocked by dirty objects.
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