Invisible Hearing Aids

Cheap Price Best Invisible Hearing Aids Earsmate G11 Classic

Cheap Price Best Invisible Hearing Aids Earsmate G11 Classic
Cheap Price Best Invisible Hearing Aids Earsmate G11 Classic
Cheap Price Best Invisible Hearing Aids Earsmate G11 Classic
Cheap Price Best Invisible Hearing Aids Earsmate G11 Classic
Cheap Price Best Invisible Hearing Aids Earsmate G11 Classic



Best Invisible Hearing Aids Supplier

 8+ years of invisible CIC hearing aid manufacturing experience: Earsmate have rich experience in invisible cic hearing aid manufacturing
✅ 12 months warranty: Earsmate make sure all cic hearing aid coved 12 months warranty time
✅ 100% responsible after-sales service: We are pleased to serve you and respond timely for any of your after-sales
✅ OEM/ODM service provided: We can provide you with the service of customized products and packaging etc.
✅ Factory wholesale cheap price and big distribution margin to help you to get more market share and profit
✅ Free drop-shipping service and hearing solution: Earsmate provide all customers dropshipping service and hearing loss assistant solutions by free service
✅ Variety type Invisible hearing aids: Cheap Classic , CIC Digital , Portable Recharageable etc..

Wholesale China Cheap Best Invisible Hearing Aids Prices

Earsmate G11C Classic
Wholesale China Cheap Best Invisible Hearing Aids Prices from Earsmate Supplier Quick Delivery.Invisible Ear Aid Volume Adjustable Fitting for Seniors Old people Hearing Loss With Noise Reduction Hearing Machine.

Compared to BTE hearing aids,the Earsmate best CIC invisible hearing aid is Over-the-counter OTC invisible ear aid by ready-to-use out of box when you have it by simply connecting the right ear dome and inserting 10A battery. The Earsmate G11C Classic could sit well inside the ear canal, it is more invisible to avoid the users' wearing anxiety. These two points are also the main reasons why users prefer the invisible ear aid hearing machine.

Earsmate G11C Classic Cheap Invisible Hearing Aid Machine

The Earsmate G11C Classic is a classic design invisible CIC hearing aid that has been popular with all over the word consumers for these reasons.

 •  Over-the-counter OTC hearing device by ready-to-use by self without the audiologist ,cheap price, low trial and error costs
 •  Small and concealed, users do not have to worry about the embarrassment of wearing hearing aids
 •  Easy to operate, just adjust the volume
 •  Fit most ear canal sizes with 3 size ear domes, 3 closed ear domes
 •  Volume can be easily adjusted with rotation by fingertip
 •  Suitable for users with mild to moderate hearing loss
 •  One A10 battery can work for about 7 days


Although G11C Classic is an analog cheap invsible ear aid hearing machine, it is actually could be the “knockout” basic product to get you started in CIC invisible hearing aids market. You may have seen that many brand hearing aid company offer similar CIC hearing aids, and the main reasons we recommend our G11 Classic device to you are the good quality and cheap price. Find more information as following.

More about the Earsmate G11C Classic CIC Invisible Hearing Aid


1.Just open the battery cabin to insert or take out the battery by the brush tool.The hearing machine work for sound amplify if you put into a new battery.
It's the disposable A10 Zinc air battery,that can work for about 60 hours or 7 days.

Please note,the battery (+) pole should be up direction when you put into the battery.
It's very small size as the fingertip and invisible fitting in the ear canal.
This G11C Classic have the right ear type and left ear type.
Please tell us your hearing loss in right ear or left ear if you need only one ear aid.
Low battery drain.
Only 1 unit #A10 Zinc Air battery can work for about 60 hours or a week of 7 days.


You will have all parts including:
 •  1 - Hearing machine ( right or left )
 •  2 - Ear dome ( L/M/S of 3 size)
 •  3 - brush+tool (clean device,adjust volume, replace battery)
 •  4 - A10 battery ( no battery packed if the shipping forbid)
 •  5 - protect inner box
 •  6 - User Manual
 •  7 - Packing box

Earsmate: Your Primier Choice of Invisible Hearing Aids Supplier

According to the international market feedback we got, the Earsmate G11C Classic is suitable for sale at the invisible hearing aid online store or center due to the cheap price. If you are planning to sell more hearing aids products to have more profit , you are welcome to talk to us further about the hearing aids types,wholesale price,as well as the after-sale issues.

Except for the G11C Classic model, we have 8/16 channels invisible digital chips hearing aids,and the invisible rechargeable hearing aids too. You are welcome to tell us your purchasing budget and function needs, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

With 8+ years of skilled experience,Great Earsmate Group can always provide the professional OEM/ODM services to support your business.

More about the Earsmate Invisible Hearing Aids Factory

Earsmate is your reliable invisible hearing aids manufacturer and supplier from China.

Nowadays, there more and more international dealers and distributors are looking for invisible cic hearing aids to expand the increasingly hearng aids market. The more cost-effective feature is the main consideration for them. As the development of circuit, an cheap invisible hearing aid price could also reach a high-quality sound solution.  

At the ( Great Earsmate Group ),the invisible hearing aids are manufactured from welding to assembly with advanced equipment and skilled operators. All of our products, including invisible digital hearing aids,invisible cic rechargeable hearing aids , are 100% inspected in our factory in strict compliance with ISO regulations. 

 The invisible hearing aids we manufacture have the following advantages:
1. Ready to Wear Design: Our invisible hearing aid is not programmable. It is ready to use.
2. Comfortable Wearing: Small in size and light in weight.
3. Cheap Affordable Price: Comparing with digital hearing aids,the G11C Classic invisible hearing aids are at a much cheaper price. 
4. 3 Sizes Ear Domes: In this case, Most customers may have a higher satisfaction rate
5. Clear Sound and Protect Ear hearing: The invisible hearing aids are for compensating the hearing loss and noise reduction for a better experience.
6. Full set accessories: the Earsmate have a series of packaging solution, from the user manual, warranty card,brush tool,zinc air battery,USB charger,power adapter hearing aid storage case to the outer packaging box. Our perfect product presentation do 100% satisfaction with all customers.


As a professional China cic invisible hearing aids manufacturer and supplier, the Great Earsmate Group is always making high-quality invisible hearing aids to our customer throughout the whole world.

Do you have any inquiries about any hearing aids? 

Are you looking for a reliable and quick response hearing aid manufacturer?

If the supplier you've worked with before can not fully meet your needs?

Please do not hesitate to contact Earsmate, we are willing to share our ideas and provide you with more better solutions.
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