Best New Hearing Aid Prices 2021

Best New Hearing Aid Prices 2021
As we all know, there are millions of people experience hearing loss, but only about one in four who need hearing aids have ever used them, according to the National Institutes of Health. If you find yourself among those who haven't received treatment for your hearing loss, you probably already know that the high cost of hearing aids keeps many people from getting the help they need.
With this in mind, Health editors researched dozens of brands of hearing aids, including traditional brands sold through an audiologist's office and brands that you can purchase online to help you find the best hearing aid for your needs. We chose the Earsmate as one of our top picks for hearing aids you can buy online or from factory of China. primarily for the value they provide. Starting at $88 per pair, they're the most affordable hearing solution you're likely to find anywhere.
Earsmate G11 CIC
This is the company’s entry-level CIC Digital hearing aid. It’s designed to block distracting background noises, making it easier to focus on spoken words. The Earsmate G11 is ideal for watching TV, chatting with friends in person or on the phone, and listening to music at home.
The Earsmate G11 uses disposable batteries of Zinc Air #A10 and work for mild to moderate hearing loss issues. There is a volume adjustment button on the back of the device. The device has 8 channel WDRC digital processor, noise reduction and feedback reduction technology.
Cost: $59 each or $88 a pair ( RED in right ear and blue in left ear with Warranty 12 months)
Call to buy: +86-18565775544
Earsmate G28D RIC
The G28D RIC is a step up from the RIC. It uses 8 Channel digital signal processing (DSP), which converts sound waves into digital signals. DSP enables more complex sound processing for improved performance in most environments. The G28D RIC has noise reduction and feedback cancellation capabilities, enabling you to use them even in noisy environments.
Wearers can adjust the hearing aid volume and switch between four different audio settings by tapping buttons on the back of the device. Like the Earsmate G26, the G28D RIC uses high quality rechargeable battery. The G28D RIC has a program button, which allows the user change the 4 different mode for different environment listening.
Cost: $59 for 1 unit right model/left model or $89 a pair ( 1 year warranty)
Call to buy: +86-18565775544
Earsmate K16 rechargeable
The Earsmate offers high quality Receiver-in-Canal and behind-the-ear hearing aids on almost any budget thanks to its affordable model of K16. Its high-performance hearing technology, exceptional quality, rechargeable battery life, Bluetooth connectivity optional, and affordable pricing makes this hearing aid a popular choice for both hearing aid wearers and hearing care professionals.
Digital Processing
4 Channel WDRC Amplifier
12 bands frequency shaping
Widebands MPO
10 Bands LNR Layered
Noise Reduction
Directional MIC
AFC Adaptive Feedback Cancellation
Low battery warning
Earsmate hearing Aids are intended for users with mild-to-moderately severe hearing loss. Advanced models provide noise reduction, feedback cancellation, directional microphones, customized hearing settings, and smartphone compatibility.
Cost: $109 - $299 a pair
Battery: Rechargeable Battery
Bluetooth capabilities: Optional
Adjustment: Remote phone app if Bluetooth
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