Excited With The Earsmate G26 RL New Mini Digital Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Excited With The Earsmate G26 RL New Mini Digital Rechargeable Hearing Aid
Normally, I do not leave any reviews, but I'm really excited with the Earsmate G26RL Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid. It is a newest rechargeable hearing aid and over the counter OTC hearing device Approved by FDA,which can work right out of the box, and now my life is so much better and wonderful. Everything is more fun - church, hanging out with my families, of randkids, spending time with my husband and friends,neighbors. Have you heard the phrase You don't really know how much you appreciate something until you lose it? Well with hearing loss it's the opposite - you don't realize how much you are missing until you get your are able to hear back! And now with Earsmate G26RL, I can hear everything - my families, my grandkids, my friends and my neighbors - everything! Now my grandkids call me Super-Grandma because I can hear their whispers across the room! But the biggest reason for my review is that I don't want anyone to get ripped off by big greedy hearing aid companies. My friends all spent $5,000+ on expensive hearing aids,such as the Starkey,Widex,Unitron,Phonak,Resound etc. that they end up losing or putting on the shelf. I decided to try Earsmate, and its better than anything on the market in my opinion and its amazing because I actually use it and look forward to wearing them. The Earsmate G26RL is guaranteed to work on over 90% people of adults,seniors and elderly with mild to light severe hearing loss and comes with 3 different earbud sizes so its guaranteed to fit your ears. Plus, building-in the high quality rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries and the Earsmate G26RL has a long continuously last working time up to 40 hours by a short time full charging of 4 hours,there will save the trouble to change cell battery every day and due to it has the over 500 times recharging feature,we can save much more money to buy the cell battery.
You can refer to the more information about this Earsmate G26RL as below:
1. Earsmate intelligent multi-core digital signal processor
2. Smart analysis based WDRC technology
3. 16 independent frequency bands
4. 4/8/16 signal process channels
5. Low level noise reduction technology
6. Feedback cancellation technology
7. 4 listening pre-program modes
8. Low battery warning tone
9. Power on delay
10. Unique Microphone processing technology
11. Tone and mode memory
12. Power on/off switch
13. Rocker button Volume control
14.USB Charger port
15.Built-in Lithium Ion battery
What you will get from the parcel?
You no need to worry about there is anything will be missed in the package,it has the USB Charger, Cable,Earbuds,brush tool,tuble and all 
alex thomson
are these aids on the market. How do yo purchase?
Claudio Ernesto Doro
Hi my Mom is 93 and she has almost lost her eraing capacity. Is there any specific product among your range that can be suitable to solve her problem ? She would like to have aid in watching TV and discussing with people. Furthermore are your products available in Europe or via Amazon awaiting your comment best regards Claudio
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